Doctor DC Podcast | Annual #1 – “Doctor DC: Year One”
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Annual #1 – “Doctor DC: Year One”

Annual #1 – “Doctor DC: Year One”

Jeepers Residents! It’s been ONE YEAR we have been providing you with a weekly deep dive into your favourite DC heroes, villains, issues, movies, tv shows, and more… We can’t believe what amazing fans we have and the new ones we are gaining every day. That being said, strap in for an annual issue which goes through some of our favourite moments of the past year. PLUS, we asked for some personal questions from you and we got some really great ones.


Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


(13:45) Colin’s Reading Assignment Ranking

(35:50) Colin’s DC Comics Quick Fire Challenge

  • How did Ragman get his powers?
  • Which villain wanted to destroy Krypton?
  • Which writer created multiverse?
  • Where did Harley Quinn first appear?
  • Name 6 superheroes’ secret identities.
  • Name some likely members of the Legion of Doom.
  • Name a few different colors of kryptonite and what they do.
  • Name all the Lantern Corps and from what emotions they draw their powers.
  • Name 5 female superheroes.
  • Who’s faster Superman or the Flash?
  • List 5 planets in DC not in our solar system.
  • Who is Aquaman’s wife and how are their powers the same or different?
  • Who are the original 7 members of the Justice League?
  • Name the Robins.
  • What is Martian Manhunter’s primary weakness?
  • What is the Green and the Red?
  • What episode of Docmas does producer Richard get completely wasted?
  • What allows people to get superpowers?

(1:00:30) Best of Guests

(1:36:10) Questions

  • (1:36:54) How’s it going?
  • (1:37:48) Who was your favorite member of the audience at the live podcast recording?
  • (1:40:46) In the Elseworlds version of your lives, what do you see yourselves creating/doing if comics were not in your lives?
  • (1:47:08) Do you believe that the morals you have stem from comics?
  • (1:51:14) If each of you were a DC villain, who would you be?  Why? What would be your grand scheme?
  • (1:57:26) What was the first major disappointment, trauma, or shock you suffered as a comic reader?
  • (2:08:01) What did you think of the show “Powerless”?
  • (2:10:20) Are we sure Colin isn’t sporadically dipping in to the Negative Speed Force?
  • (2:12:41) How did everyone meet?  What was the driving force behind the podcast?
  • (2:19:25) What are your day jobs?
  • (2:21:54) What was the process from we should do a podcast to airing the first issue?
  • (2:27:45) What is your favorite question?
  • (2:29:26) All time favorite episode?
  • (2:34:09) One topic to visit over the next year?

Characters, Places, Things

Recommended Reading/Viewing

Non DC Media



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