Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #51 – “King Kirby”
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Issue #51 – “King Kirby”

Issue #51 – “King Kirby”

In this weeks issue we talk about one of the kings of comics. The one and only Jack Kirby. Why is he so influential? What legacy has he left? You’ll have to listen to find out! But first we break down the latest news in the DC Universe.

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Intro by Aaron Barry


SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)
News & Notes
(1:08) Frank Miller Signs 5 Project Deal –
(5:21) Lobo’s Daughter Joins the Teen Titans –
(6:30) Doomsday Clock Artist Shares Exclusive Sketch of Issue 7 –
(11:37) DC Announces 2 New Justice League Teams at Wondercon –
(14:49) Ayer Releases Dropped Suicide Squad Movie Plot –
(16:36) Latest Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Promo Pokes Fun at Green Lantern –
(18:25) Star Says Shazam is a Family Film –
(20:12) Batman ’66 Heads to Riverdale –
(23:09) First Look at Costumes from Justice League: Mortal –
(25:25) Plastic Man Mini-Series by Gail Simone
(27:32) Diane Nelson Taking a Leave of Absence –
(30:02) Happy 70th Birthday to José Luis García-López –
The Doctor’s Pulls
(34:47) Aquaman Vol 8 034 –
(38:01) Krypton (TV Series) –
King Kirby
(49:21) Has Etrigan rhymed since his introduction? When was the rhyming introduced as something he didn’t do all the time?
(53:01) What is the origin of Infinity Man?  What is his connection to the Forever People?
(58:45) What would the best tribe in the Kamandi universe to join?
(1:10:24) What are the New Gods?
(1:20:04) Were the Challengers Kirby stealing his idea (Fantastic Four) and bringing it to the DCU?
(1:25:26) How powerful is Orion?
(1:31:00) Thanos has his Black Order, does Darkseid have his own team?
(1:37:45) Kirby’s biggest contribution?
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