Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #62 – “Fanstravaganza II”
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Issue #62 – “Fanstravaganza II”

Issue #62 – “Fanstravaganza II”

Hello Residents! This issue we are catching up on backlogged listener questions as part of #FANAGAR, our fan appreciation month. But first we break down the latest in DC News!

Sponsored by Great Lakes Grooming Co. 

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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The Doctor DC Podcast
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@CinemaSimpleton It’s not what you expect, at least in that series. I’d also check out Gotham by Midnight though if you like Corrigan.
The Doctor DC Podcast
@DoctorDCApr 08
NEW PATREON EPISODE: Prescribed Reading #13 - “Gotham Central, Book 4: Corrigan” It’s not a new comic, but for New…
The Doctor DC Podcast
@DoctorDCApr 08
@Chan_180 @doughboyspod Nice! What a distinction!