Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #64 – “Archnemeses”
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Issue #64 – “Archnemeses”

Issue #64 – “Archnemeses”

Hello Residents! This issue we discuss the ying to each of our heroes’ yangs, the villains who oppose/mirror/complete their heroes like no one else can! But first, we read Green Lantern Earth One: Volume 1, and we let you know what we thought!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


The Doctor’s Pulls

(2:40) Green Lantern: Earth One



(25:01) Who is Martian Manhunters opposite?  Does G’nort have one?

(30:10) How good could Prometheus be if DC had not dropped the ball?

(36:31) Who’s the Doctor’s nemesis?

(46:23) What examples show the lines blur from jealousy, admiration, or hubris that cause a mirrored villain?

(52:25) Which villain creeps you out or that you fear the most when they show up?

(56:37) Other than the Joker, who is Batman’s most interesting or greatest archenemy?

(1:00:11) What’s more compelling? Straight evil, polar opposites, or antiheroes? The villain you love to hate or hate to love?

(1:05:55) Does a hero need an arch-nemesis or opposite to be successful?  Who has the weakest/lamest arch-nemesis?

(1:17:44) Can an arch-villain ever win?

(1:21:35) Each superhero has an arch-nemesis, but who are they? Lightning round!

Characters, Places, Things

Recommended Reading


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