Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #86 – “Superman’s Dead”
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Issue #86 – “Superman’s Dead”

Issue #86 – “Superman’s Dead”

This week is the last episode before DocMas, so we close out 2018 and Superman’s 80th Birthday year by talking all about the Death of Superman in comics, film, and/or animation!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


News and Notes

(12:11) The CW Releases Several New Elseworlds Photos

(15:25) Zatanna Movie Reportedly Discussed by DC and WB

(19:02) Blue Beetle Latino Movie In Development

(20:39) The Flash’s 100th Episode Promo Released

(22:58) LEGO Batman to be Included in LEGO Movie 2

(24:33) Justice League Dark Script Completed According to Guillermo Del Toro

(25:56) DC Cancels Batman and the Outsiders


Prescribed Reading

(28:49) Superman Vol 2 075


Superman’s Dead

(53:05) Why did DC Animation make Death of Superman twice? Changes to BvS’s Doomsday?

(59:38) Why is Cyborg Superman so overpowered?

(1:02:08) Did DC jump the shark with Doomsday?  Is Doomsday even still a threat?

(1:06:00) Why couldn’t he [Superman] stay dead?

(1:09:55) The mullet.

(1:13:25) What were the long term affects of Superman’s death in DC comics?

(1:16:57) The Doctor’s pitch for a Superman replacement.

(1:20:26) How much are the sealed issues actually worth?

(1:21:57) Is Doomsday a one trick pony?  Remembering the Steel movie.

(1:23:37) How the death of Superman personally impacted the Doctor.

(1:26:00) Since Superman’s resurrection, if DC killed your favorite character, would it carry any weight?

(1:29:44) Do you think Wally West or Roy Harper will stay dead?  Should they stay dead?

(1:30:51) The Doctor’s favorite Superman clone.

(1:32:24) What happens with Lex when Superman dies?

(1:34:44) Why do Doomsday’s spikes get bigger as the fight progresses?

(1:37:22) How did Hank Henshaw become Cyborg Superman?  Who sent the Doomsday monster?


Dial Doc

(1:43:07) Hand of God

(1:43:45) Seeing Eye Frog


Characters, Places, Things

Bizarro (Earth 29) (New 52)


Cyborg Superman (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Doomsday (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Eradictaor (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Lex Luthor (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Lois Lane (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Mandrakk (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Monitor (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Roy Harper (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Steel (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Superman (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Superboy (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Wally West (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)


Recommended Reading and Viewing

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Death of Superman (Film) (Comic)

Heroes in Crisis

Reign of the Supermen (Film) (Comic)


Superman: Doosmday

Superman Vol 2 075



Jameela Jamil

Anna Kendrick


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