Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #93 – “The 12 Episodes of DocMas II: Part 7″ (w/ Niko Stratis)
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Issue #93 – “The 12 Episodes of DocMas II: Part 7″ (w/ Niko Stratis)

Issue #93 – “The 12 Episodes of DocMas II: Part 7″ (w/ Niko Stratis)

This issue we trip into the seventh episode of #DocMas with our special four-peat guest Niko Stratis

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


News and Notes

(3:38) Reality is Fractured in New Legends of Tomorrow Trailer



(15:00) Which origins would result in the DC’s Ultimates Universe?

(27:46) Thoughts on The Seven from Garth Ennis’ The Boys?

(31:14) Favorite series from the New 52.

(36:46) Creating a boy band with DC characters.

(44:11) What indie comic writer/artist would you like see work for DC and on what book?

(52:26) Is Santa Claus a member of the Justice League?  How would the rest of the JLA rank in powers against Santa Claus?


Dial Doc

(59:22) Killing Time Man

(1:00:29) Off The Rails Man

(1:01:31) Redecorator


Characters, Places, Things

Animal Man (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Artemis (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Aquaman (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Black Lightning (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Green Arrow (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Hub City

Question (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Santa Claus

Starfire (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)


Recommended Reading and Viewing

Animal Man Vol 2

Aquaman Vol 7

Batman Vol 2

Doom Patrol Vol 6

Flash (2014 TV Series)

Man of Steel (film)

Mister Miracle Vol 4

The Boys



Garth Ennis

Jason Aaron (Southern Bastards)

Jeff Lemire

Kelly Thompson (Hawkeye, West Coast Avengers)

Magdalene Visaggio

Matt Fraction


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