Doctor DC Podcast | Special #8 – “The Doctor AC/DC Podcast”
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Special #8 – “The Doctor AC/DC Podcast”

Special #8 – “The Doctor AC/DC Podcast”

APRIL FOOLS! Once again, streaming from elsewhere in the Multiverse, Producer Richard and Doctor AC/DC discuss the band’s lasting legacy! But first they try to make sense of some of the news that’s fit to print!

Check out this episode!


SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

News and Notes

(1:33) Letter written by ACDC’s Bon Scott Bought by Australian Government 

(6:56) Rumors Are Abound About a New AC/DC Record



(14:35) Thoughts on Axl Rose as AC/DC’s frontman after Brian Johnson left the band?

(21:04) How come AC/DC did not win a Grammy?  What should they have won for?

(25:20) Who could replace Malcolm Young?

(32:24) The Doc’s thoughts on the misogyny prevalent in the lyrics?

(36:18) Coveted AC/DC merch.

(39:37) Which album sums up the band the best as a whole?

(43:01) What bands have been influenced by AC/DC?

(46:49) Most insane/tastiest lick in all of AC/DC’s discography?

(54:25) The Doctor’s Hair Metal Breakdown.

(59:50) Two really cool facts about AC/DC music.

(67:18) AC/DC can help combat cancer.



AC/DC Discography

AC/DC Grammy History

Axl Takes Over for Brian Johnson

Sabrina Comics

“Thunderstruck” Helps Combat Cancer



Axl Rose

Bon Scott

Brian Johnson

Gary Clark Jr

Josh Homme

Malcolm Young

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