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Have you ever had a question about why a character doesn't kill? Or whatever happened to that weird villain I once saw? Each week we answer questions from listeners like you!


We talk about all the latest announcements, rumours and gossip about the DCEU


One of the best thing is our co-host Colin. Every issue we bring in new characters, comics, trailers and questions about the wonderful world of DC, and see if we can make Colin love this wacky universe.

We talk about the wonderful world of DC Comics

Who Are We?


Doctor DC

Born of two geeky parents, Doctor DC’s fate was sealed when he was given stacks of his father’s Silver Age comic books. Since that time, he has been on a quest to consume all of DC Comics lore and to share that knowledge with anyone who will listen.


Colin Close

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find. Luckily Colin found his way into our lives. Northern Canadian born and raised, Colin has had a long career in music which has left little time for comics and general nerd-ery. Each week we attempt to convert Colin through baptism of geekery.


Richard Eden

Producer Richard grew up as an unaware nerd. Subscribing to computer and video game magazines, summers reading fan fiction and Star Trek novels. His knowledge of DC is broad, he loves the movies and TV shows, and his love for comics is growing with each episode and issue.

New Episodes Released Every Wednesday


  • In this week’s issue we are very excited to be joined by comedian and podcaster Simon King! We talk all about the 1% of the DC Universe – the wealthiest entrepreneurs, socialites, and politicians. But first we talk about the latest in DC news that fit......

  • In this week’s issue we talk about DC Comics’ most inappropriate moments, greatest double entendres, most suggestive themes and situations, and anything else that either hasn’t aged well or should never have been put to print in the first place! But first we talk about......

  • In this week’s issue we talk about the greatest fighters, martial artists, and combatants in the DC Universe! But first we dive into the latest news that’s fit to print. Sponsored by Great Lakes Grooming Co.  Intro Music by Aaron Barry To ask questions for......

  • In this issue we go back to a time of stagecoach robberies, revolvers, horses, and of course.. cowboys! The Doctor is heading to the Old West this week! Sponsored by Great Lakes Grooming Co.  Intro Music by Aaron Barry To ask questions for the next......

Send us your questions!

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@lanterncast @WarnerBrosEnt @DCComics I’d seen lots of “front runner” rumours but just the tone of your tweet made…
Doctor DC Podcast
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Doctor DC Podcast
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Understatement of the year. So much fun to have you on the show!