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Have you ever had a question about why a character doesn't kill? Or whatever happened to that weird villain I once saw? Each week we answer questions from listeners like you!


We talk about all the latest announcements, rumours, and gossip from the comics, movies, and TV shows that make up the DC Universe!


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We talk about the wonderful world of DC Comics

Who Are We?


Doctor DC

Born of two geeky parents, Doctor DC’s fate was sealed when he was given stacks of his father’s Silver Age comic books. Since that time, he has been on a quest to consume all of DC Comics lore and to share that knowledge with anyone who will listen.


Richard Eden

Producer Richard grew up as an unaware nerd. Subscribing to computer and video game magazines, summers reading fan fiction and Star Trek novels. His knowledge of DC is broad, he loves the movies and TV shows, and his love for comics is growing with each episode and issue.


Josh Gill

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not only has Producer Richard beheld the physical beauty of Josh Gill, but Josh has beheld the beauty of DC Comics. Every week, Josh toils away to distill our nonsense into the show notes you love.

New Episodes Released Every Wednesday


  • This week we talk all about The Last Days of Animal Man, and the many demises of other DC heroes! We are also joined by DC expert and host of 52 Pickup Alex Jaffe!   Intro Music by Aaron Barry Find more great podcasts like this......

  • This week we talk all about the fashion/lewks of DC in the XTREME 90s! Special guests The Nerdy North podcast join us to discuss costume redesigns, new designs that come with new powers, and POCKETS POCKETS POCKETS!   Intro Music by Aaron Barry Find more great......

  • This week we talk all about the music of DC! We’re joined by returning guest John Speas to talk scores/themes/soundtracks of DC!   Intro Music by Aaron Barry Find more great podcasts like this on Brain Freeze To ask questions for the next episode, or to......

  • This week we talk all about one of the Doc’s favourite lesser-known characters: Aztek The Ultimate Man! We discuss both Uno and Nayeli Constant, the heroes who have donned the mantle of Aztek!   Intro Music by Aaron Barry Find more great podcasts like this on......

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