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Comments, Questions, Strongly-Worded Rants

We would love to hear from you!

Every week we field questions from listeners like you! Have you never read a comic book and want to know where to start? Do you love DC but are curious about the speed force? Or do you just want to know what colour Colin’s underwear are? No matter your question we want to hear it!

Send us your questions!

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The Doctor DC Podcast
@DoctorDCDec 07
@ComicFanboy616 @TheRichardYT Oh shit, I should think of some of those...
The Doctor DC Podcast
@DoctorDCDec 07
Tomorrow we record the 12 episodes of DocMas. Give us a call at 208-917-3238 and ask a question or send us holiday…
The Doctor DC Podcast
@DoctorDCDec 06
NEW PATREON EPISODE: Double Dose #56 - “Podcasts” This week on the Double, the Doc and Producer Richard talk about…