Doctor DC Podcast | Annual #2 – “Doctor DC Strikes Again” (w/ Mrs. DC & Producer Jess)
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Annual #2 – “Doctor DC Strikes Again” (w/ Mrs. DC & Producer Jess)

Annual #2 – “Doctor DC Strikes Again” (w/ Mrs. DC & Producer Jess)

This week is our second annual issue and we are being joined by our wives, and you asked them about everything from comics, to the podcast, and even about us! Plus, we take a look back at some of the best of the past year!

Find out how the other halves live (cope) with us!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Review-osaurus Rex

(3:35) 5-Star Review from Columbian iTunes


News and Notes

(6:21) Swamp Thing Cancelled

(13:36) New Poster for Wonder Woman 1984


Prescribed Reading Ranking and Recap

(18:00) The Question Quarterly Vol 1 001

(19:13) Green Lantern: Earth One

(22:35) Blackest Night

(26:10) Superman Vol 2 075

(29:37) Batman: Noel

(32:30) Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special

(36:35) Detective Comics Vol 1 1000

(38:24) Booster Gold Vol 2 026, 027


Pop Quiz

(42:26) From what century does Booster Gold hail?

(42:45) What other character is from that time?

(43:30) Name the Green Lanterns of Earth.

(45:23) What is unique about Earth 10?

(46:16) Name the first appearance comics of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

(47:25) In what series did John Constantine first appear and who created him?

(48:05) Name the founding members of the Justice Society.

(49:43) What iconic Marvel hero was meant to debut as a villain of the Legion of Superheroes?

(50:13) As described in the Aquaman movie, name the Seven Kingdoms/Seas.

(51:03) Recite the Green Lantern oath.

(51:43) What are the powers of Shazam?

(53:02) A brief synopsis of the history of the Hawks.


Best of Guests

(55:10) Issue 072: Marvel Steals from DC w/ Andrea Stratis

(1:04:55) Issue 070: The One Percent w/ Simon King

(1:15:00) Issue 077: Vertigo w/ Kyle Clark

(1:22:29) Issue 103: Adaptations w/ Heath Corson

(1:27:43) Issue 105: Hellblazer w/ Lacretia Lyon

(1:35:57) Issue 109: Sidekicks w/ Jon Gabrus and Tom Goss


Questions for the Wives

(1:54:47) Do the wives share the Doctor’s and Richard’s fandom?

(2:07:18) What fandoms can the wives NOT get into and vice versa?

(2:18:15) How much do the Doctor and Richard talk about comics outside the podcast?

(2:26:21) Is Richard still obsessed with Archie comics?

(2:26:39) What do the wives think of the beards?

(2:31:47) How did the wives cope with the comic collections when they moved in?

(2:37:11) Which individual revealed their geek cards first in each relationship?

(2:42:49) Are there legitimately good Disney comics?  What is the best food at Disney World?


Dial Doc in Review

(2:48:13) Roy-G-Beouf

(2:49:05) Pedal-phile

(2:50:59) Dildo Baggins

(2:51:37) The Arbitross

(2:52:11) Crime Apple

(2:52:52) Juan Cholo

(2:54:35) Admiral Nationalism

(2:56:23) Frequent Sir

(2:57:35) Incel Duck

(2:58:40) Morse Toad

(3:00:04) The Charmer

(3:01:09) Permenancer

(3:02:25) Me So Soup

(3:03:37) Macauliflower Caulking


More Questions for the Wives

(3:05:37) How often do they do impressions when they are not doing the podcast?

(3:11:23) Finish the phrase, “BLANK in the streets, but BLANK in the sheets,” with comicbook characters.

(3:18:17) How does Jess feel about Richard’s feelings towards @therealjoshgill?

(3:19:10) Who are the wives’ comicbook crushes?

(3:24:33) How much is too much when it comes to how much money the husbands spend on comics?

(3:30:38) What are the wives’ favorite episodes and guests of the show?


Dial Doc

(3:41:24) Mrs. DC – The Postmaster

(3:42:19) Doctor DC – ThermoDynamo

(3:45:02) Producer Jess – Whale Tale and Zoolda

(3:50:01) Sombrero


Characters, Places, Things

Arkillo (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Black Canary (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Booster Gold (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Cisco Ramon

Deathstroke (DCEU)

Earth 10

El Diablo (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)


Green Arrow (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Guild of Detection

Justice Society of America


Lobo (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Mister Miracle (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Question (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

SHAZAM (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)


Recommended Reading and Viewing

Batman: Noel

Blackest Night

Booster Gold Vol 2 026

Booster Gold Vol 2 027

Detective Comics Vol 1 1000

Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special

Green Lantern: Earth One

Question Quarterly Vol 1 001

Superman Vol 2 075



Andrea Stratis (Instagram)

Heath Corson (Twitter)

Jon Gabrus (Website) (Twitter) (Instagram)

Kyle Clark (Website) (Twitter) (Instagram)

Lacretia Lyon (Website) (Twitter) (Instagram)

Simon King (Website) (Twitter) (Instagram)

Tom Goss (Twitter) (Instagram)

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