Doctor DC Podcast | Annual #4 – “Doomsday Doc”
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Annual #4 – “Doomsday Doc”

Annual #4 – “Doomsday Doc”

It’s the seventh day of an entire week of episodes as a celebration of  FANAGAR for YOU residents! We complete our 4th year of the podcast by reviewing the best of the year, answering some questions, and playing everyones favourite game!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Year in Review

(3:45) Richard has independently gotten in to comics this past year

(9:00) Changes over the past year


Reading Assignments

(15:40) Final Crisis

(17:24) Gotham by Midnight Vol 1

(19:51) Swamp Thing Vol 2 021

(22:23) A Very DC Rebirth Holiday Anthology

(23:27) Harley Quinn Vol 3 056

(24:26) Superman For All Seasons

(25:53) Superman: For Tomorrow

(27:56) Plastic Man: On The Lam

(28:59) Martian Manhunter Vol 2 024

(30:04) Thriller Vol 1 001


Pop Quiz

(35:45) What is the name of the Martian god of fire, war, art, etc.?

(36:23) Flex Mentallo has a secondary moniker.  What is it?

(36:57) What is the plot of Final Crisis?

(37:59) One of the books Gail Simone is known for, what is the name of the team of rag tag villains forced to work together?

(38:40) Name the main Dark Multiverse Batman from Dark Nights: Metal?

(40:34) What is Egg-Fu’s real name?

(41:16) Who is Black Lightning’s arch-enemy?

(41:32) Following the death of Superman, who are the four pretenders who take up the mantle during Reign of the Supermen?

(42:41) What are some examples of classic Lobo-isms?

(43:14) When Buddy Blank calls on his satellite, he becomes what classic Jack Kriby superhero?

(43:49) What is Maxwell Lord’s superpower?

(44:21) What is the name of the guy that wants to eat Wonder Woman’s pussy in Superman: For Tomorrow?

(44:48) How many members of the Seven Seconds can you name?

(46:12) How many hosts of heaven are there?

(46:49) Name three major characters who come from or are connected to the Vega System.


Guests in Review

(48:43) Montage of the best guests


Doomsday Doc

(55:40) Tips for an up and coming nerdy podcast?

(1:01:37) What about the podcast are y’all most proud of?

(1:05:02) There seems to be a retcon, has there always been just two voices?

(1:07:22) When can we expect the Dean/Doctor fan-fiction?

(1:10:01) What are your Top 3 current ongoing series outside the big 2?

(1:12:49) Will you come to ComicCon? 

(1:14:04) Write a one-man play based on a character from the show?

(1:16:10) Ideas on successfully networking a podcast?

(1:25:26) Why did you move to the Yukon?

(1:34:31) What are the Doctor and Richards of the multi-verse like?

(1:40:35) What is your dream team of heroes?

(1:44:45) Change one minor thing about each other.

(1:45:43) Favorite guest(s).

(1:49:09) Green light one cross-company cross-over and pick the creative team.

(1:53:08) How would you fire each other and would you need an actual reason?

(1:55:36) What would it take for Producer Richard to get his soundboard back on the show?

(1:59:16) What is your go-to music when you’re in an emotional place?

(2:01:58) What’s your biggest grievance about your co-host?

(2:09:49) What pose would you choose for your wax statue?

(2:13:14) Create a new crypto-currency.  Who do you sucker into buying it?


Guess the Character!

(2:18:17) Two for one

(2:18:55) Is human, but also isn’t

(2:39:46) Hope that suit is made of Nomex

(2:21:33) Very hot

(2:23:51) Looks like fire but is not fire


Recommended Reading & Viewing

A Very DC Rebirth Holiday

Action Comics Vol 1

Dark Nights: Metal

Final Crisis

Gotham by Midnight Vol 1

Harley Quinn Vol 3 056

Martian Manhunter Vol 2 024

Plastic Man: On The Lam!

Superman For All Seasons

Superman: For Tomorrow

Swamp Thing Vol 2 021

Three Jokers

Thriller Vol 1 001

V for Vendetta





Anatomy of a Metahuman

Daredevil Yellow


Spider-Man Blue


Sweet Tooth


Characters, Places, Things

Black Lightning

Cyborg Superman

Dark Knights

Egg Fu


Flex Mentallo



Maxwell Lord


Secret Six



Tobias Whale

Vega System

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