Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #10 – “Trading Cards”
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Issue #10 – “Trading Cards”

Issue #10 – “Trading Cards”

In this issue we give Colin a big binder full of DC Trading Cards and ask him to pick ones he wants to know more about. But first we break down the latest DC news. Adam West’s final Batman movie. Cat Woman and Batman are getting married!? Is the director of Aquaman treading water? Find out this and more!

Intro by Aaron Barry


Prescribed Reading from Issue #10

Action Comics vol. 1 #975 – Mr. Mxyzptlk revealed as the imposter Clark Kent

Crisis on Infinite Earths #12 – Death of Don Hall, the original Dove

Blackest Night #1 – Black Lantern rings unable to resurrect Don Hall, whose soul is at peace in death

Justice League Europe vol. 1 #6 – 1st appearance of Crimson Fox

All-Star Squadron vol. 1 #25 – 1st appearance of Nuklon

Flash #338 – Origin and 1st appearance of Big Sir

Suicide Squad vol. 1 #44 – The origin story of Digger Harkness, aka Captain Boomerang

Justice League America vol. 1 #36 – G’Nort faces off against his archenemy, the Scarlet Skiier

Mister Miracle vol. 1 #18 – The marriage of Big Barda and Mister Miracle

Green Lantern vol. 3 #50 – Kilowog is destroyed by his old friend and fellow Green Lantern Hal Jordan

New Teen Titans vol. 1 #2 – The first instance of Starfire using physical contact to learn a language


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Wow. Didn’t expect this. Not that I wanted an either or, but I’d take more Supergirl instead of Superman and Lois.