Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #106 – “Black Characters”
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Issue #106 – “Black Characters”

Issue #106 – “Black Characters”

In this week’s issue, we discuss black characters in DC. From groundbreaking to misguided, from Milestone to Tyroc. But first, we break down the latest in DC news.

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

News and Notes

(1:30) Matt Fraction and Greg Rucka Writing Superman Spinoff Series

(4:05) Classic Batman Villain to Return in Detective Comics Annual 2

(6:19) Doomsday Clock to Reveal Truth Behind Rebirth

(9:49) Bendis Says Superboy Will Get New Codename

(12:05) Matt Reeves Claims Batman Movie Will Focus on Detective Mode

(15:43) Jason Mamoa Teases Future of the DCEU

(20:15) Batman: Damned Cancelled

(20:50) DCEASED

(28:51) New Details For Young Animal Titles

(31:05) Batman/TMNT 3 Coming This Spring

(32:44) DC to Release 25 Cent One Shot Comic

(34:43) Batman: TAS New Action Figures

(36:05) Wal-Mart To Carry New DC Collectible Collection

(37:56) CW’s The Flash To Lose Cisco


Black Characters

(44:30) Explaining Icon.

(49:50) Thoughts on black characters taking over mantles from white characters.

(57:40) Thoughts on the new Spawn movie.

(60:15) Favorite look for Cyborg.

(64:35) Good entry points for iconic black characters.

(68:42) What black DC characters need a movie or TV adaptation?

(75:54) Favorite black Milestone hero.

(79:08) Reimagining a DC character as a person of color.

(86:45) Where Static has been recently and fan-casting a live action version.

(93:19) Thoughts on Tanya Spears.

(96:03) Characters reimagined as black.

(101:10) Defining John Stewart.

(106:06) Did the evolution of technology world-wide lead to Cyborg being included in the Justice League or is he a “diversity hire”?

(109:04) Least liked black character.  Black character with the most untapped potential.

(113:08) Making Mister Terrific more present in the DCU.

(121:16) Is New 52 Wally West as fast as the other Wally West?

(122:05) Is Detective John Jones canonically black or white?

(124:16) Is Icon from Krypton?

(126:41) Richard’s true feelings on the Black Lightning show.

(130:38) The worst example of a black character naming convention.


Dial Doc

(133:59) Insell Duck

(135:22) Solid State


Characters, Places, Things

Batwing (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Black Canary (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Black Lightning (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Black Manta (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Connor Hawke (PreFlashpoint) (Arrowverse)

Cyborg (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth) (DoomPatrolTV) (DCEU)

Icon (Dakotaverse) (Rebirth)

John Stewart (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Kaldur’ahm (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth) (DCAU)

Martian Manhunter (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Mister Terrific (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Rocket (Dakotaverse) (DCAU)

Shazam (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Starfire (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth) (TitansTV)

Static Shock (Dakotaverse) (Rebirth)

Tanya Spears



Vixen (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth) (Arrowverse) (DCAU)

Wallace West


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Black Lightning (TV Series)

Black Lightning Vol 1

Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands

Green Lantern Corps Vol 3

Justice Society of America Vol 3

Worlds’ Finest Vol 1



Milestone Media




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Dwayne McDuffie (Wiki)

William Jackson Harper (Instagram) (Twitter)

Zazie Beatz (Instagram)

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