Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #118 – “Prisons”
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Issue #118 – “Prisons”

Issue #118 – “Prisons”

In this week’s issue we talk all about the greatest and most iconic prisons in the DC Universe!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Review-osaurus Rex

(3:30) James Paulsen’s Facebook Review


News and Notes

(5:54) Teen Titans Go! To Introduce a 6th Member This Summer

(10:30) Remembering Baywatch

(16:09) Deathstroke Getting His Own Animated Series on CW Seed

(18:15) Three Main Villains Named for The Batman

(21:20) Robert Pattinson Cast as Batman

(28:42) Warren Ellis Resurrects WildCATs with Artist Ramon Villalobos

(32:35) First Trailer for Batwoman

(39:09) Batman: Hush Animated Trailer



(46:01) What about Mr. Oz’s prison and the prisoner behind the giant green door?

(49:56) Is Parallax being held in the Central Power Battery a metaphor?

(53:02) Where was Black Adam imprisoned? Who else has been imprisoned there?

(58:24) Underwater prisons?  Superheroes and teams without their own prisons?

(1:05:38) Which prison has the best/worst track record and why? 

(1:12:20) Designing our own prison.

(1:15:18) Why does Arkham Asylum still exist? Has anyone ever been rehabilitated/reformed?

(1:25:17) Is the Phantom Zone a pocket dimension or a parallel universe?

(1:27:36) How did Superboy-Prime escape at the end of Infinite Crisis?

(1:36:16) Fuck, Marry, Kill: Belle Reve, Iron Heights, Blackgate.

(1:40:19) Is Amanda Waller a great warden or the greatest warden?

(1:45:54) Designing an impenetrable and inescapable prison.

(1:52:22) What attempts have been to improve prisoner retention rate?



(1:55:48) Opening Day Man (courtesy of @stumpchunkman)

(1:57:29) Rewards Card

(1:59:05) Eastern Bunny


Characters, Places, Things

Amanda Waller (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Arkham Asylum

Belle Reve

Black Adam (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)


Central Power Battery

Fortress of Solitude

Grifter (Wildstorm) (Rebirth) (New Wildstorm)

Indigo Tribe (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Iron Heights

Mister Oz (Rebirth)


Phantom Zone

Rock of Eternity

Santa Pricsa


Source Wall

Speed Force

Stryker’s Island





Recommended Reading & Viewing

Infinite Crisis

Salvation Run



Doctor DC – Map of the Multiverse

Baywatch (TV Series)

Stanford Prison Experiments



Nicholas Hoult (Wikipedia) (Twitter) (Instagram)

Robert Pattinson (Wikipedia)

Sebastian Stan (Wikipedia) (Instagram)

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