Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #119 – “Tangent Comics”
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Issue #119 – “Tangent Comics”

Issue #119 – “Tangent Comics”

In this week’s issue we talk all about the Tangent Comics universe, aka Earth 9 of the Multiverse!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Review-osaurus Rex

(2:45) Review from the UK


News and Notes

(4:31) Stjepan Sejic Shares Art From Unnamed Black Label Batman Comic

(7:26) Jason Fabok Shares Updated Art for Three Jokers

(8:40) Trailer for Batman: Last Knight on Earth

(10:44) Tom King to Work on New Batman/Catwoman Miniseries

(13:24) New Justice League Logo

(14:58) Booster Gold Joining the DCEU

(18:08) Ra’s Al Ghul Returns in 6-Issue Miniseries


Tangent Comics

(20:04) Tangent Comics 101

(25:38) Ideas for Tangent heroes and villains.

(34:01) Any Tangent stories written by Morrison or in the vein of Morrison?

(36:47) Have any characters crossed to/from Earth-9?

(48:04) Why isn’t Tangent more popular or didn’t take off?

(53:31) Was Tangent SuperMan always a bad guy?  Is he still?

(60:43) What Tangent story should be folded in to the main DCU?



(64:57) Cosmic DM’s Voicemail



(67:23) Pedalphile

(69:24) Pope-sicle 


Characters, Places, Things (Note: All links are to Tangent Comics versions unless otherwise noted.)


Atom aka Adam Thompson

Atom aka Arthur Thompson


Doom Patrol



Green Lantern

Justice Incarnate (Main Continuity)

Metal Men

Martin Stein


Plastic Man


Sea Devils




Wonder Woman


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Ion Vol 1 010

Justice League of America Vol 2 016

Tangent: Superman’s Reign

Tangent Comics



Grant Morrison (Website) (Twitter)

Jason Fabok (Website) (Instagram) (Twitter)

Stjepan Sejic (Instagram) (Tumblr)

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