Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #123 – “The Multiverse”
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Issue #123 – “The Multiverse”

Issue #123 – “The Multiverse”

In this week’s issue we talk all about the Multiverse – how it works, who makes it up, and what reality even is in the DC Universe! And we start by discussing the first appearance of the Multiverse: Flash vol. 1 #123!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Review-osauraus Rex

(1:15) Theodore Papadopoulos’s 5-Star Facebook Review


News and Notes

(4:35) Teen Titans Go! vs Teen Titans Trailer

(6:63) Joe Hill to Head New Line of Horror Comics for DC

(9:34) Neil Gaiman and David Goyer to Adapt Sandman for Netflix


Reading Assignment – Flash Vol 1 123 “The Flash of Two Worlds”

(12:55) Intro to the reading assignment

(14:34) Recap and review

(26:36) The Multiverse


The Multiverse

(34:44) Name and provide the origin for all the multiversal Lanterns on the cover Green Lantern 010.

(40:38) Having one cohesive universe versus having multiple universes.

(45:28) Recommended reading for a crash course in DC’s multiverse.

(50:43) Favorite parallel Earths and reviving a dead Earth.

(54:39) The introduction of the Dark Multiverse.

(59:14) Do the 5th and 6th dimensions reside inside or outside the multiverse?

(1:04:14) Featuring a different Earth in a new series.

(1:05:55) Writing a what-if using different Earths.

(1:12:46) Favorite reverse-gendered hero from Earth 11.

(1:18:52) Instances of memories of the multiverse pre-collapse/pre-merger.

(1:22:28) One-shots that became whole series.

(1:24:27) What multiverse do the Dial-Docs exist in?

(1:26:00) The multiverse versions of the Doctor DC Podcast.

(1:32:19) Can any stable universe, even dark ones, have a dark multiverse build off it?


Dial Doc

(1:36:57) Bad Egg

(1:37:39) Melting Pot


Characters, Places, Things

Barry Allen (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Dark Multiverse

Earth 2

Earth 3

Earth 6

Earth 8

Earth 10

Earth 11

Earth 15

Earth 19

Earth 23

Earth 26

Earth 30

Earth 31

Earth 33

Earth 37

Earth 42

Fifth Dimension

Justice Incarnate

Psycho-Pirate (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Sixth Dimension

Ultima Thule


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Flash Vol 1 123

The Green Lantern Vol 1

The Green Lantern Vol 1 010 (Cover)

Infinite Crisis

Multiversity Vol 1

Multiversity Guidebook



Grant Morrison (Twitter) (Website)

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