Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #130 – “Art”
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Issue #130 – “Art”

Issue #130 – “Art”

This week we talk all about comic book art! Your favourite panels, costumes, layouts, designs, and artists! Pencillers, inkers, colourists, and more!

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Review-osaurus Rex

(2:10) Roland Sebas’s 5-Star Facebook Review


News and Notes

(3:17) John Constantine: Hellblazer Returns as On Going Series in DC’s Black Label

(4:33) DC’s Evil Nth Metal Man Will Kill One of the Metal Men

(7:23) Grant Morrison Rewrites Reality in Green Lantern: Blackstars

(10:07) Ryan Sook’s Legion of Superheroes Cover Spoils a Future DCU Cataclysm

(12:13) Catwoman Debuts New More Provocative Costume

(13:51) Tom Welling Teased His Return to Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths

(15:52) Krypton Cancelled After Two Seasons

(18:56) Lobo Spinoff Still Being Shopped

(20:11) DC Launches First Look Trailer for Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass

(22:13) Amethyst Creator Ernie Colon Passed Away



(24:46) Introduction to comicbook art and favorite artists

(35:29) Nikola Scott’s Nightwing butt

(40:50) What artists come to mind for various DC characters?

(48:46) The shift from the 90’s DC house style to the more modern individual style.

(54:19) Frank Miller’s art style.

(58:40) Which shift in eras brought the biggest shift in art styles?  Which artists are most synonymous with their respective era?

(1:02:57) Reimaginings.  Do they pay tribute to the original?

(1:09:55) Over-rate and under-rated artists.

(1:16:07) Which artist and in what style to draw our lives?

(1:18:37) Is it too difficult for house style to feel new?  Artists that have expanded house style.

(1:22:20) Comicbook art in marketing.

(1:27:51) Favorite piece of comicbook art that is personally owned and dream piece that isn’t owned.

(1:32:05) Favorite example of bad female anatomy.


Dial Doc

(1:39:08) Longbox

(1:39:59) Pen-n-Ink


Recommended Reading & Viewing

75 Years of DC Comics

DC: New Frontier

Green Arrow: Quiver

Infinite Crisis

Superman For All Seasons



Alex Ross (Twitter) (IG)

Amanda Conner (Twitter) (IG)

Andrea Sorrentino (Twitter)

Annie Wu (Twitter) (IG)

Ben Templesmith (Twitter) (IG)

Clay Mann (Twitter) (IG)

Darwyn Cooke (Wiki)

Denys Cowan (Twitter) (IG)

Ernie Colon (Wiki)

Frank Miller (Twitter)

George Perez (Facebook) (Wiki)

Greg Capullo (Twitter) (IG)

Jae Lee (IG) (Site)

Jason Fabok (Twitter) (IG)

Jeff Lemire (Twitter) (IG)

Jim Lee (Twitter) (IG)

John Romita, Jr. (Wiki)

Jorge Jiménez (Twitter) (IG)

Juan Ferreyra (Twitter) (IG)

Michael Cho (Twitter) (IG)

Mitch Gerads (IG) (Facebook)

Nicola Scott (Twitter) (IG)

Otto Schmidt (Facebook) (Site)

Rob Liefeld (Twitter) (IG)

Scott Lobdell (Twitter) (IG)

Tim Sale (Twitter)

Yanick Paquette (Twitter) (IG)

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