Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #132 – “Euro Trip”
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Issue #132 – “Euro Trip”

Issue #132 – “Euro Trip”

In this week’s issue…The Doctor is going on vacation!

We talk all about the European characters of the DC Universe to get him in the right mindset.

It’s a DC Euro Trip!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


News and Notes

(1:07) Taika Waititi Joining Suicide Squad

(4:07) It Director to Helm The Flash

(5:36) Michael Mosely is Doctor Light for Titans Season 2

(7:14) New Joker Trailer

(10:14) Red Hood and Nightwing Talk James Wan in new GEGGHEAD Video

(12:32) Legion of Super-Heroes Gets A Surprising New Member


Euro Trip

(19:20) John Moore aka Rankorr

(22:43) Who are some of the more notable European heroes and villains?

(28:38) What happened to the Celtic Gods in The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman?

(32:23) Beefeater, Lion Heart, Godiva, and the rest of the European-based Global Guardians.

(38:27) Are the Rocket Reds still a thing?

(44:00) Did the JLA/JSA recruit any supers from Europe after WWII?

(48:37) How are the main DC characters represented internationally?

(51:24) Camelot 3000.

(52:41) Camelot, Shining Knight, Merlin, Etrigan.

(55:50) Is Wonder Woman Greek?

(1:03:20) Euro Crime, the Elongated Man’s nemeses.

(1:08:53) Favorite European Batman, Inc. character?

(1:14:02) Famous DC Irish characters.  Siobhan McDougle, Black Canary of Earth 31, and in-canon leprechauns.

(1:21:06) Why does it seem that more heroes are American than non-American?

(1:26:30) Examples of European characters getting involved in WWII for the Axis powers.

(1:29:50) What is it about European style that adds something to DC comics?


Dial Doc

(1:35:19) Piss Daddy

(1:36:03) If It Ain’t Bloke


Characters, Places, & Things


Black Canary (Earth 31)


Captain Nazi (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Count Vertigo (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Crimson Fox

Etrigan (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)


Evan McCulloch

Geo-Force (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Global Guardians

Godiva (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)


Ice (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

John Constantine (Vertigo) (Rebirth)

John Moore

Justice League Europe





Merlin (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)



Per Degaton (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Rocket Red (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Rocket Red Brigade

Shining Knight (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Silver Banshee (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Sonar (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)


Terra (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Tir Na Nog



Recommended Reading & Viewing

The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman

Camelot 3000

Doomsday Clock



Alan Moore (Wiki) (Facebook)

Andrea Sorrentino (Twitter) (Blogspot)

Brian Bolland (Wiki)

Grant Morrison (Twitter) (Website)

Jorge Jiminez (Instagram) (Twitter)

Peter Milligan (Twitter) (Wiki)

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