Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #135 – “The Metal Men”
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Issue #135 – “The Metal Men”

Issue #135 – “The Metal Men”

This week, you voted and they won, in this episode all about the Metal Men!

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


Review-osaurus Rex

(2:07) Roberto’s 5-Star Facebook Review


News and Notes

(8:10) Smallville Joins Crisis on Infinite Earths

(11:43) Supergirl Extended Trailer Shows Lena Luthor Plotting Her Revenge

(13:22) Lex Luthor Versus Batman Who Laughs In Hell Arisen

(16:26) Diana Goes Post-Apocalyptic In Wonder Woman: Dead Earth

(17:40) Trailer Released For Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid

(18:50) Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon, Jonah Hill as The Riddler

(22:10) First Official Poster for Birds of Prey


Metal Men

(28:20) Personality traits for an Adamantium or Vibranium Metal Man?

(32:59) Would Mother Box and Father Box fall in to the sentience category of Metal Men?

(35:05) Follow-up to the Duncan Roleaux series?

(39:35) Can they combine in to a giant Metal Man?

(42:31) Retired Metal Men or short-lived Metal Men?

(46:46) Did Platinum and Dr. Magnus have a physical relationship?

(53:37) Identifying as a Metal Man.

(58:01) Revisiting Magnus and Platinum’s relationship.

(1:08:03) Having relations with Platinum.

(1:12:22) Adding a new Metal Man to the team.



(1:16:31) French Frog via Stump Chunkman

(1:17:38) Breakneck via Puff Cheek Pastry


Dial Doc

(1:21:01) An Apple A Day

(1:22:21) Pelaton


Characters, Places, Things

Alloy (Kingdom Come) (PreFlashpoint)

Chemo (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Copper (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)


Gas Gang

Gold (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Iron (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Lead (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Mercury (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Mother Box


Platinum (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Plutonium Man


Tin (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Will Magnus (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)


Recommended Reading and Viewing

Kingdom Come

Metal Men Vol 3 by Duncan Roleau




Duncan Roleau (Twitter)

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