Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #136 – “The New Order”
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Issue #136 – “The New Order”

Issue #136 – “The New Order”

In this week’s issue we talk all about Nightwing: The New Order!

We kick off our #Doctober Dystopian Futures Month with a look at the timeline in which Dick Grayson wipes out metahumans!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


Review-osaurus Rex

(4:49) Brad Severin’s 5-Star iTunes Review


News and Notes

(7:15) John Carpenter Wants to Write Batman

(9:17) DC Universe’s New Magical Reality is… Disneyland?

(11:40) Batman Reveals Secret Prison Under Hall of Justice

(14:28) Bizarro Forces DC Universe to Form… Voltron?

(15:50) One of DC’s Most Popular Couples Just Split

(18:42) First Look at Brandon Routh’s Kingdom Come Superman

(20:50) The Flash: New Footage Reveals First Look at Season 6’s Harrison Wells

(21:54) Batman Beyond Live Action Trailer

(23:27) THE LAST GOD: Your Next Fantasy Epic Coming From DC


Review – Nightwing: The New Order

(28:05) Recapping the story and future


The New Order

(33:47) Was Dick Grayson justified in asking for help from the meta community?

(37:59) Lois should have been a Green Lantern, right?

(43:56) How did aliens such as Superman and Starfire lose their powers along with the metas?

(47:38) Why is his name Dick when his defining feature is his ass?

(50:53) Dick-Babs or Dick-Fire?

(54:35) Dick-Reid or Dick-Dick?

(1:03:05) Isn’t it hypocritical for the government to have metas working for them?

(1:09:09) Who got Superman with Black Kryptonite?

(1:10:57) Is it possible that the series was cut short?

(1:15:44) Is The New Order related to the Dark Multiverse?


Dial Doc

(1:21:20) Hippo Critical

(1:22:20) Growler


Characters, Places, Things 

(**All links are to the New Order version of the character unless otherwise noted.)



Beast Boy

Black Kryptonite


Dark Multiverse

Jake Grayson

John Stewart

Lex Luthor

Lois Lane






Recommended Reading and Viewing

Nightwing: The New Order



Nightwing Mini-Series

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