Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #137 – “Futures End”
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Issue #137 – “Futures End”

Issue #137 – “Futures End”

In this week’s issue we talk all about the timeline(s) of Futures End!

Week Two of #Doctober and Dystopian Futures Month is all about the world of The New 52: Futures End!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


Review-osaurus Rex

(2:09) MWMCan’s 5-Star iTunes Review


Reading Review

(8:07) Recapping New 52: Futures End #0


Futures End

(29:57) Thoughts on the premise that Futures End is where the New 52 would end without Rebirth.

(34:15) Space Jesus Kyle Rayner in the Futures End Green Lantern tie-in.

(39:06) Why did Tim Drake leave the Earth 2 refugees stranded at the end?

(43:09) Rank the characters that have been Batman.

(49:59) Is the world ready for a Batman Beyond movie a la Futures End?

(55:56) What was Brother Eye’s main goal and the fallout of Terry’s death.

(1:01:56) How do the characters know that Brother says “Eye am” instead of “I am”?

(1:04:08) Tim is the best Robin and is the perfect successor to Batman.

(1:10:32) How does Futures End connect to Earth 2: Worlds End?

(1:14:26) Make a case for why Futures End is not deserving of its poor reputation.


Dial Doc

(1:20:50) Long Shot

(1:22:47) Mic Drop


Characters, Places, Things ***All links are to the Futures End appearances unless otherwise noted***


Brother Eye

Bruce Wayne


Helena Wayne (Earth 2)



Kyle Rayner

Mister Terrific



Terry McGinnis

Tim Drake

Recommended Reading

Earth 2: World’s End

Futures End

New 52: Futures End #0



Ansel Elgort (Twitter)

Dacre Montgomery (Twitter) (IG)

Dev Patel (Wiki)

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