Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #138 – “Armageddon”
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Issue #138 – “Armageddon”

Issue #138 – “Armageddon”

In this week’s  issue we talk all about Monarch, Waverider, and everything else connected to the possible future of Armageddon: 2001!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


Review-osaurus Rex

(1:48) 5-Star White Board Review


News and Notes

(6:55) Tom Ellis Spotted on Set of Crisis on Infinite Earths

(8:53) Shazam Director Has Perfect Response to Booster Gold

(10:08) Poison Ivy Got a New Look

(12:06) New Set Photos From Production of Suicide Squad



(17:57) Recapping Armageddon 2001

(22:55) Would Armageddon been better if DC had stayed with Captain Atom as Monarch?

(29:25) The possible futures that Waverider foresees.

(36:20) Should I read this?

(39:00) Using time travel to solve a dystopian future.

(42:30) Armageddon (film) team made up of Legion of Superheroes members.

(46:46) Does Armageddon 2001 do justice to the tag “2001”?

(51:45) If Hawk were to die, would Monarch disappear back to the future?

(56:53) What would Waverider see if he touched the Doctor today?

(1:02:26) Who is Waverider?

(1:06:15) Was the original ending ever published?  Has DC ever addressed it?


Dial Doc

(1:11:33) Looper

(1:12:34) Yoga Mat


Characters, Places, Things ***All links reference the specific Armageddon appearance unless otherwise noted***


Bouncing Boy


Captain Atom

Colossal Boy

Cosmic Boy

Matter-Eater Lad


Monarch aka Hawk


Saturn Girl


Thom Kallor

Waverider aka Matthew Ryder 


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Armageddon 2001

Armageddon 2001 002

Flash Annual Vol 2 004

Hawk and Dove Annual Vol 3 002

Superman Annual Vol 2 003



Great Minds with Dan Harmon

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