Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #139 – “Kamandi” (w/ Kyle Clark)
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Issue #139 – “Kamandi” (w/ Kyle Clark)

Issue #139 – “Kamandi” (w/ Kyle Clark)

This week we talk all about Kamandi and the future following The Great Disaster!

Comedian, Writer, and and Podcaster Kyle Clark returns to the podcast to discuss Jack Kirby’s post-apocalypse as #Doctober continues!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


Kyle Clark




This is Rad Podcast

I’m A Person

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(2:00) Kyle Clark, DocTober vs RadTober, Halloween, and Scary Things

(14:39) Snow


News and Notes

(15:56) Paul Dano to Play Riddler in The Batman

(22:18) Zoe Kravitz Cast as Catwoman in The Batman

(30:41) Crisis on Infinite Earths Adds Stephen Lobo as Jim Corrigan



(42:12) Intro to Earth-AD, Kamandi, and Jack Kirby’s post-apocalyptic future

(48:58) Was this an influence on Y: The Last Man?

(50:47) When was Command D initiated in the DCU?

(55:01) Favorite creative team on Kamandi Challenge?

(1:01:29) Where is Kamandi’s impact and influence most seen in other books?

(1:05:52) What are the conditions of the humans, other than Kamandi?

(1:12:37) How did the apes get Superman’s costume?

(1:17:25) What did Kirby predict in Kamandi that exists today?

(1:20:35) What makes Kamandi’s post-apocalyptic world unique from other post-apocalyptic worlds?

(1:24:43) In a post-Adventure Time world, what would Kamandi’s world look like?

(1:22:10) Do the human-like animals have human-like dicks?

(1:37:00) Best/most outrageous death escape from the Kamandi Challenge?

(1:26:00) How does Kamandi mantain such luxurious hair?

(1:28:12) Which existing DC character should cross-over in to Kamandi’s world?


Dial Doc

(1:56:31) Butter Boy

(1:58:00) Vape Ape

(1:59:12) Mr. Finite


Characters, Events, Things

Animal Man (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Bat-Mite (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Ben Boxer (EarthAD) (Earth51)

Command D

Jonah Hex (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Kamandi (EarthAD) (Rebirth)


Recommended Reading

DC One Million

Final Crisis

Kamandi: At Earth’s End

Kamandi Vol 1

Kamandi Challenge




Adventure Time

Y: The Last Man



Arnold Drake (Wiki)

Carmine Infantino (Wiki)

Jack Kirby (Wiki) (Museum)

Steve Ditko (Wiki)

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