Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #140 – “Kingdom Come”
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Issue #140 – “Kingdom Come”

Issue #140 – “Kingdom Come”

This week we talk all about the world of Kingdom Come!

Originally an elseworlds tale of a possible future, now Earth 22 of the Multiverse, we are rounding out Doctober’s Dystopian Futures Month talking about this classic story!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


Review-osaurus Rex

(2:20) Sebastian’s 5-Star Review Within a Review


News and Notes

(6:48) Superman is Going Public

(12:14) Joker Beats Deadpool to Become Highest Grossing R-Rated Film of All Time

(17:52) Brandon Routh Says Farewell to Legends of Tomorrow

(20:37) DC Reveals Female Batman Beyond

(23:35) Wonder Woman 1984 Director Confirms Maxwell Lord


Kingdom Come

(32:38) What is this world?  What is this story? The Kingdom Come 10,000 foot view.

(1:07:58) Highlights, lowlights, and takeaways from Kingdom Come.

(1:12:25) Is the fight between Superman and Shazam the best artwork of the book?

(1:15:14) Are these the purest versions of the DC heroes?

(1:19:46) How much did Mark Waid actually contribute beyond the script?

(1:23:24) What Alex Ross redesigns should be introduced in to the main DCU?

(1:26:51) Favorite cameo in Kingdom Come?

(1:29:10) Should Kingdom Come be made in to a TV mini series?

(1:32:35) What hero has the biggest change in their mannerisms or beliefs?

(1:36:03) Is Kingdom Come better as a one-off or is it worth exploring more?

(1:39:38) What would the Doctor and Producer Richard order at Planet Krypton?

(1:43:30) Favorite moment from the story.

(1:46:31) Does Magog even count as the villain in the story?

(1:49:03) What is disappointing or needed more time in the story?

(1:54:12) Thy Kingdom Come and Young Justice visiting Earth 22.


Dial Doc

(1:59:09) Cameljack

(2:00:05) Klepto the Wonder Man


Characters, Places, Things  ***All links are to the Earth 22 version unless otherwise noted***

Alan Scott




Booster Gold

David Reid

Earth 22


Green Arrow


Lex Luthor


Norman McCay

Planet Krypton






Wonder Woman

Recommended Reading & Viewing

Kingdom Come


Thy Kingdom Come



Alex Ross (Website) (Twitter) (Instagram)

Mark Waid (Website) (Twitter)

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