Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #163 – “Comics Code Authority”
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Issue #163 – “Comics Code Authority”

Issue #163 – “Comics Code Authority”

This week we talk all about the Comics Code Authority!

From the history of the code itself, to the comics made under its guidelines and the ones that ultimately defied it and tore it down!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

News and Notes

(5:57) Strange Adventures Joins DC Black Label


Comics Code Authority

(14:40) How would DC have developed if the CCA never happened?

(25:13) Changes to Batman because of the Code.

(33:02) Is the Code responsible for the arrested development of mainstream American comicbooks?

(40:07) Were there benefits to the Comics Code?

(44:01) What were the first comics to be majorly affected by the CCA?

(51:58) When did it became apparent the Code served no purpose and comics were better without it?

(54:57) Why did Marvel ignore the Code more than DC?

(1:00:57) Stories that had to be heavily altered due to the CCA.

(1:07:45) If DC had published outside the code first, what title would have been best suited?

(1:14:53) What racy comics were published by DC that helped spur the fall of the CCA?

(1:21:26) Did the CCA crack down harder than the government would have?

(1:30:01) Why did the CCA not have an impact on Vertigo Comics?

(1:35:16) What characters were most changed by the CCA? Characters that disappeared/were created?

(1:42:02) Why the large gap in time between Marvel and DC in ceasing use of the stamp?


Dial Doc

(1:44:25) Stamp-hede (via PuffCheekPastry)

(1:47:13) Vasreference

(1:49:11) Polly Seas


Characters, Places, Things

Catwoman (SilverAge)

Heatwave (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Joker (SilverAge)


Recommended Reading and Viewing

Detective Comics Vol 1 027 – The Case of the Chemical Syndicate

Green Lantern Vol 2 085

Showcase Vol 1 004 (First Appearance of Barry Allen)



Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 096

Comics Code Authority

EC Comics

LanternCast Presents – Green Lantern – Green Arrow #14

MAD Magazine

Seduction of the Innocent by Fredric Wertham

Vertigo Comics



William Gaines


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