Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #194 – “Podcast Patrol” (w/ Shoshana Sachi)
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Issue #194 – “Podcast Patrol” (w/ Shoshana Sachi)

Issue #194 – “Podcast Patrol” (w/ Shoshana Sachi)

This week we are joined by writer and story editor of Doom Patrol, Shoshana Sachi, to talk all about the world’s strangest heroes: the Doom Patrol!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


Meet Shoshana Sachi

(1:43) How Shoshana came to work on Doom Patrol.

(3:06) Writer vs story editor.

(5:15) Shoshana’s background in comics.

(6:41) What was the thinking behind putting Cyborg in the show?


Podcast Patrol

(8:25) What was Niles Caulder’s D&D alignment and what’s the worst thing he’s done?

(14:03) Favorite era of the Doom Patrol?

(17:22) What is a flex that Flex Mentallo should perform?

(19:49) Which member should have their own solo series?

(23:46) How could the Doom Patrol be incapacitated should they go rogue?

(27:00) Any stories or characters that are un-adaptable?

(29:20) Is there a definitive list of Crazy Jane’s personality or Dorothy’s friends?

(32:12) What character from any past incarnation should be brought back?

(36:15) Does writing characters working through their trauma help writers/creators work through theirs?

(44:09) Danny the Street vs Danny the Van.

(47:44) Starting point for reading the comics.

(50:30) Any explanation for the team’s random appearance in Doomsday Clock? Do they show up for other major cross overs or events?  Were they really ready to throw down with Dr. Manhattan?


Guess the Character

(55:52) Major “drill sergeant” vibes going on.

(56:13) Cranky faced and clean shaven.

(56:39) Can’t find happiness despite his impressive merkin collection.

(57:44) Evil barber.


Characters, Places, Things




Crazy Jane (PreFlashpoint) (Current) (DCTV)

Cyborg (PreFlashpoint) (Current) (DCTV)

Danny the Street (PreFlashpoint) (Current) (DCTV)

Decreator (Comics) (DCTV)

Doom Patrol (PreFlashpoint) (Current) (DCTV)

Dorothy Spinner (PreFlashpoint) (Current) (DCTV)

Elasti-Girl (PreFlashpoint) (Current) (DCTV)


Flex Mentallo (PreFlashpoint) (Current) (DCTV)

Mr. Nobody (PreFlashpoint) (Current) (DCTV)

Negative Man (PreFlashpoint) (Current) (DCTV)

Niles Caulder (PreFlashpoint) (Current) (DCTV)

Robotman (PreFlashpoint) (Current) (DCTV)


Recommended Reading and Viewing

Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol Vol 2

Doom Patrol Vol 6

Doomsday Clock

Milk Wars



Gerard Way (Site) (Twitter) (IG)

Grant Morrison (Site) (Twitter) (IG)

Rachel Pollack (Site) (Twitter)

Shoshana Sachi (IMDB) (Twitter)

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