Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #196 – “Final Crisis”
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Issue #196 – “Final Crisis”

Issue #196 – “Final Crisis”

We come to it at last.

This week we try our best to talk all about Grant Morrison’s epic reality-shattering event: Final Crisis. That’s right, DC’s “last” crisis event…

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SNOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


Holy 5-Star Review Batman

(2:31) Alfred Did It’s 5-Starro Apple Podcasts Review


Final Crisis

(6:50) Initial reactions

(10:01) Rough summation

(13:15) Reddit summation via Chris Chan

(25:15) The major points

(45:36) The only question, “What the fuck just happened?”

(47:12) Does Darkseid remember this crisis?

(48:44) Is the Miracle Machine going to make a comeback?

(51:10) What time period was the favorite in Return of Bruce Wayne?

(52:58) Was this being called “Final” Crisis prevent Dark Nights Metal from being called “Dark” Crisis?

(58:01) Explain the multiple monitors versus the one from Crisis on Infinite Earths.

(1:03:03) Are monitors immune to the Anti-Life Equation?

(1:05:02) Was the quantum vampire [Mandrakk] trying to drink the bleed?

(1:06:06) How exactly did Superman whistle Darkseid to death?

(1:10:35) The Reddit explanation of Final Crisis.

(1:12:47) Is Final Crisis Grant Morrison at his best, worst, or Morrison-est?

(1:18:01) What’s the deal with the Over Monitor?

(1:19:28) Most under utilized character?

(1:24:05) Was Final Crisis well received when it came out? Has a vampire Superman ever fought a werewolf superman?

(1:29:48) Are any of the tie-in series recommended or make Final Crisis easier to understand?

(1:33:35) What’s the best character arc?

(1:37:22) Recite the Anti-Life Equation.


Guess the Character

(1:41:33) If the Eye of Sauron was a vagina.


Characters, Places, Things

Alpha Lanterns

Anti-Life Equation

Arthur Joseph Curry

Atomic Knights

Black Lightning (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Black Racer (PreFlashpoint) (Current)


Dan Turpin

Darkseid (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Desaad (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Glorious Godfrey (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Granny Goodness (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Kalibak (PreFlashpoint) (Current)



Mary Marvel (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Mandrakk (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Metron (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Miracle Machine

Monitor (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Monitor Solomon


New Gods

Nix Uotan (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Orion (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Overman (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Radion aka God Bullet

Renee Montoya (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Supermen of the Multiverse

Super Young Team

Tattooed Man (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Ultima Thule


Recommended Reading and Viewing

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne

Countdown Vol 1

Crisis of Conscience

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Dark Nights: Metal

Final Crisis

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds

Final Crisis: Revelations

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond

The Green Lantern

Multiversity: Pax Americana



I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara (Book) (Series)



Grant Morrison (Website) (Twitter) (Instagram)

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