Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #229 – “The Main Man” (w/ Hunter van Lierop)
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Issue #229 – “The Main Man” (w/ Hunter van Lierop)

Issue #229 – “The Main Man” (w/ Hunter van Lierop)

In this week’s fraggin’ episode we talk all about the Last Czarnian, the Main Man, the baddest bastich of them all: Lobo!

We are joined by the host of Android’s Amazing Podcast‬, Hunter van Lierop!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Meet Hunter

(0:34) The host of Androids Amazing Podcast

(1:30) How Hunter got into comics and the first comics that Hunter read.

(5:23) Hunter’s favorite DC characters.


The Main Man

(8:34) Talk about Czarnia before Lobo destroyed it.  Are there other Czarnians or children?

(12:39) What is the overlap in the appeal between Lobo and Deadpool?

(16:59) What other hero could beat Lobo to a bloody pulp?

(20:30) What’s with New 52 Lobo?

(25:59) What does “Keezy Fem” mean?

(29:20) How can Lobo ride his space bike through space without a breathing apparatus?

(33:04) Talk about Lobo and the space dolphins.

(37:37) Is Lobo the most challenging character to script in 2021?

(43:35) Talk about the Batman Who Frags.

(48:19) What is Lobo’s most badass moment?

(51:48) Are there any love interests?  Does Lobo have a sensitive side?

(55:28) How could Lobo kill his own race when they can regenerate?


Guess the Character!

(59:15) Keanu Reeves with a dirt stash


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Lobo The Duck Vol 1 001



Cullen Bunn (Web) (Twitter) (Instagram)

Hunter van Lierop (Twitter) (Instagram)



Amalgam Comics


Characters, Places, Things

Atrocitus (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Batman Who Frags



Dex-Starr (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Lobo (PreFlashpoint) (New52) (Current)

Lobo The Duck

Mongul (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Space Dolphins

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