Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #230 – “Stand-Alone DC Films”
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Issue #230 – “Stand-Alone DC Films”

Issue #230 – “Stand-Alone DC Films”

In this week’s episode we talk all about stand-alone DC films!

No extended universe or multi-instalment franchises here! Just one-and-dones!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Holy 5-Star Review Batman!

(1:54) Superfly_Perched’s 5-Star Apple Podcasts Review


News and Notes

(4:50) Zack Snyder’s Justice League Cuts New Trailer

(10:20) Cover TV Series Coming to HBOMax

(13:07) Superman & Lois Casts Angus MacFadyen as Jor-El

(14:32) The CW Orders Pilot for Wonder Comics’ Naomi

(17:28) First Wave of Milestone Comics Revealed

(21:17) New Images From Justice Society: World War 2

(22:45) Stargirl Goes on Spring Break in New Special

(24:24) Batman 108 Will Introduce New Villain

(26:02) Justice League Gets a Brand New Digital Series This April

(27:29) Future State: Red Hood Targets New Batman

(30:01) Casting Announcements for Netflix’s Sandman Series


Stand-Alone DC Films

(36:14) Recasting Constantine.

(43:08) Catwoman 2004.  Why?  Pitch a better movie.

(50:58) Was Ryan Reynolds a good casting choice for Hal?

(56:43) Would Green Lantern had been better if they stuck with the original script?

(1:01:23) Thoughts on Jonah Hex?  What should be changed?

(1:05:19) Is watching Jonah Hex, Steel, and Catwoman necessary for DC Fandom?

(1:09:28) The Joker movie.

(1:13:59) Thoughts on Tilda Swinton’s androgynous portrayal of Gabriel.

(1:19:19) With the star-studded cast of Jonah Hex, what happened?

(1:24:48) DC standalone films that are assumed terrible but are actually good?

(1:30:36) What was the failure of the GL movie that prevented any other live action GL’s?

(1:37:00) Are the standalone films bad because they’re not part of the DCEU or are they not part of the DCEU because they’re bad?

(1:40:18) Watchman’s movie ending versus the book ending.

(1:42:43) The Losers.

(1:45:34) Pair a metal band with a DC movie.


Guess the Character!

(1:50:27) 1 in the pink, 2 in the stink, 3 in the clink

(1:51:30) All go to the same hair stylist.


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Batman & Robin (1997 Film)

Batman V Superman (2016 Film)

Batman Returns (1992 Film)

Catwoman (2004 Film)

Constantine (2005 Film)

Green Lantern (2011 Film)

Joker (2019 Film)

Jonah Hex (2010 Film)

Losers (2010 Film)

V for Vendetta (2005 Film)

Watchmen (2009 Film)




Cowboys & Aliens (2011 Film)


Lamb of God

Protest the Hero

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