Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #235 – “Bwahaha!” (w/ Jordan Morris)
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Issue #235 – “Bwahaha!” (w/ Jordan Morris)

Issue #235 – “Bwahaha!” (w/ Jordan Morris)

In this week’s episode we talk all about Justice League International!

Special guest Jordan Morris (Jordan Jesse Go!, Bubble) returns to talk the iconic Giffen/DeMatteis JLI, also known as the Bwahaha League!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Welcome back, Jordan Morris

(0:50) Bubble, the scripted podcast

(5:25) Learning the comics format



(11:00) Global thoughts on the JLI

(12:56) The one-punch scene

(16:03) Why was Guy Garnder chosen over the other lanterns?

(18:46) How did Booster Gold wind up as leader of the JLI?

(21:31) Why was Captain Marvel dropped so quickly?

(26:22) Does the JLI book still hold up?

(32:14) Why hasn’t there been another comedic Justice League book?

(36:57) How did the UN and the international angle play into the JLI missions?

(41:16) Who are the heavy hitters besides Martian Manhunter?

(45:14) Casting a JLI sitcom made in the vein of The Office or Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

(51:19) Why are there so many Justice Leagues?

(53:56) When did the reputation shift from Beetle to Booster?

(58:46) Did the series get too comedic or become too much of a parody of itself?


Guess the Character!

(1:02:08) Likely a member of the Black Parade.

(1:02:37) Interchangeable looks.

(1:03:10) Chemically enhanced.

(1:04:15) Very frank.


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Justice League Vol 1

Justice League vol 1 005 “One Punch”

Justice League International Vol 1



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Big Barda (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Booster Gold (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Blue Beetle aka Ted Kord (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Captain Atom (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Guy Garnder (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Shazam (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

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