Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #236 – “Future Bats”
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Issue #236 – “Future Bats”

Issue #236 – “Future Bats”

In this week’s episode we talk all about future Bats!

From Batman Beyond to Futures End to Future State to One Million and beyond, we answer your questions about the many and various possible futures of Batman!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Holy 5-Star Review Batman!

(2:04) Dustin Steven’s 5-Star Instagram Review


News and Notes

(5:02) Ron Livingston Cast as Henry Allen

(7:43) Maribel Verdu Cast as Nora Allen

(9:40) Helen Mirren Joins Shazam Cast

(11:23) Pierce Brosnan Cast as Doctor Fate

(14:35) Suicide Squad Trailer


Future Bats

(24:03) Is the Batman Beyond series still going?  

(25:00) What led to Terry coming back and reclaiming the mantle from Tim?

(29:43) Is Terry considered DC Comics canon?

(33:01) Is Batman Beyond to Spider-Man a fair comparison?

(41:43) Theories on the Near Apocalypse of ‘09?

(46:59) How old is Bruce in Batman Beyond?

(52:50) Is Robert Pattinson playing Bruce Wayne or another version of the Bat?

(55:30) At which point was Dick Grayson the Bat and when did he quit being Bat?

(59:21) Why is The Dark Knight Returns one of the best Batman books?

(1:04:16) How would Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian, and Barbara split the responsibilities of Batman and running Wayne enterprises?

(1:10:30) If everyone who has worn the mantle fought in their prime, who would win?

(1:14:46) Thoughts on the reveal that Terry is Bruce’s biological son?

(1:17:06) How much of the various future Bat-families are seen?

(1:21:15) Most underrated Batman Beyond villain?

(1:25:07) What could tarnish Batman’s legacy such that it would permanently die?

(1:29:03) Is Tim Fox the best way to redeem the less-than-ethical methods of Batman?


Guess the Character!

(1:33:18) Small but powerful

(1:33:38) Fights crime from spring to fall

(1:34:17) Can fly

(1:34:56) Is nuts


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Batman Beyond (Animated Series)

Batman Beyond Vol 5

Dark Knight Returns


Characters, Places, Things

Batman (DCOneMillion)


Matt McGinnis (DCAU) (Current)

Mon-El (PreDoomsdayClock) (Current)

Near Apocalypse of ‘09

Terry McGinnis (DCAU) (Current)

Tim Fox (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

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