Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #237 – “Man of Tomorrow”
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Issue #237 – “Man of Tomorrow”

Issue #237 – “Man of Tomorrow”

This week we kick off Prescribed REIDing, a month of books chosen by Producer Richard. We start with Superman: For Tomorrow, its story, Azzarello and Lee’s take on Superman, and about Superman in general!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Holy 5-Star Review Batman!

(1:11) Ravanna’s 11-Star Tinder Review


News and Notes

(4:41) Earth-One Crossover Inevitable Says Grant Morrison

(8:47) Bart Allen is Coming to CW’s The Flash

(11:21) RWBY Joins Justice League

(13:13) Hot Toys Announces Dark Knight Trilogy Collectibles


Prescribed Reading

(16:03) Superman: For Tomorrow and what makes a good Superman book

(21:53) Richard’s unfiltered thoughts on the book

(24:42) The Doctor likes some aspects of the books and some scenes

(27:18) Richard’s pitch for what the book could be and what this book SHOULD be


*Insert EPIC rant here*


Man of Tomorrow

(47:39) What is the difference between Pre-Flashpoint Superman and New 52 Superman?

(51:22) Electric Blue Superman?!

(55:42) Jim Lee’s art in this book is super weird.

(1:00:07) Memorable dialog from Azzarello and decent artwork from Jim Lee.

(1:02:36) On a scale of 1 – 10, where does this rank as a must-read for Superman?

(1:07:16) What makes a good Superman/Clark Kent story?

(1:11:22) What story/moment made you appreciate Superman?

(1:18:12) Batman Who Laughs design and Zod’s armor from For Tomorrow.

(1:20:36) Did Azzarello seriously think that Superman versus the raptor a good idea?

(1:22:35) What would have happened if Superman landed in Themyscira?

(1:24:59) How old is Superman?


Guess the Character!

(1:28:50) Barbarella vibes

(1:29:20) Majority of the fabric of their outfit is in the cape

(1:29:42) Needs industrial strength fabric tape to avoid any nip slips

(1:30:40) Very regal looking

(1:32:11) Sexy grandma


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Action Comics Vol 1 775

All Star Superman

Superman: For Tomorrow

Superman Red/Superman Blue


Characters, Places, Things

Superman (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

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