Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #238 – “Plastic”
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Issue #238 – “Plastic”

Issue #238 – “Plastic”

In the second episode of Prescribed REIDing Month, where we read DC books chosen by Producer Richard, we talk about Plastic Man: On the Lam! This covers the first arc of cartoonist Kyle Baker’s colourful (and cynical) take on the stretchiest member of the JLA!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Holy 5-Star Review Batman!

(4:36)  Courtofowls’ 5-Star Apple Podcasts Review


News and Notes

(7:44) Lucy Liu Cast As Villain in Shazam 2


Plastic Man: On The Lam!

(11:40) Introducing the story and the general plot

(13:06) Richard really loved it and laughed out loud multiple times

(18:58) Plastic Man’s history as a horny quagmire

(22:01) Plas’s origin story, a Fantastic Four joke, and being framed

(25:41) What didn’t jive?

(28:24) Woozy Winks.

(30:30) How many capes?



(32:04) Why does Batman have such high respect for Plastic Man?

(38:17) Is it true that Plastic Man is one of the most powerful characters?

(42:25) How does Plastic Man fit the role of Dionysus?

(49:09) Does Plastic Man have kids?

(54:50) What are some of Plas’s funniest moments and recommended stories?

(1:01:30) What separates Plas’s comedy from other comedic superheroes?

(1:05:58) Casting a Plastic Man film.

(1:16:29) Do people take Plas seriously?  Does he have a rogues gallery?

(1:25:11) Was Plastic Man ever associated with Earth X before Rebirth?

(1:30:15) Does Plas have any weaknesses?

(1:35:09) Has Plastic Man separated himself like he did in Metal before?

(1:42:09) What tone and direction should a solo series have?

(1:49:27) How dastardly of a criminal was Eel O’Brian?


Guess the Character!

(1:55:17) Clearly lifts

(1:55:51) Animalistic charisma

(1:56:40) Styling with waist sash and leopard print outfit

(1:58:45) Doesn’t use a litter box


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Convergence: Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters

Dark Nights Metal

JLA: Obsidian Age

Plastic Man: On the Lam!

Plastic Man Vol 5

Terrifics Vol 1



Body Worlds Exhibit


Quality Comics


Characters, Places, Things

Doctor Dome

Earth X/Earth 10

Granite Lady/Granite Janet (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Offspring (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Plastic Man (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

PlaSStic Men

Woozy Winks

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