Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #239 – “A Cookie Monster” (w/ Pop Capsule Podcast)
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Issue #239 – “A Cookie Monster” (w/ Pop Capsule Podcast)

Issue #239 – “A Cookie Monster” (w/ Pop Capsule Podcast)

In the third episode of Prescribed REIDing Month, where we read DC books chosen by Producer Richard, we talk about Martian Manhunter Vol 2. Issue 24! We also talk J’onn j’onzz in jeneral and of course… CHOCOS!

We are joined by Evan and Mallory of the Pop Capsule Podcast

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Pop Capsule Podcast

(1:05) Welcome Evan and Mallory!

(2:25) Evan’s comics history, first exposure to superheroes

(5:19) Evan’s first time reading about the man who hunts martians


Martian Manhunter Vol 2 024

(6:58) A brief synopsis

(15:25) What did Evan, Mallory, and Richard like about the story?

(27:20) Cape rating


A Cookie Monster

(32:44) Did J’onn J’onzz ever remarry or try dating after losing his family?

(38:29) Would the DCEU benefit from Martian Manhunter’s inclusion?

(43:58) What other DC junk food brands are there?

(47:05) Where did the Choco loving thing come from?

(51:03) How deeply was the Martian Life Equation explored by Darkseid?

(54:09) Did the Martians have anything supernatural or magical going on?

(56:43) How did Martian Manhunter get his name?

(1:00:01) Has Martian Manhunter tried mating with a White Martian?

(1:06:49) Would the right pronoun for Martian Manhunter be “they” instead of “him?”

(1:09:53) What is the actual nature or reasoning for his weakness to fire?

(1:13:37) Does a Crime Syndicate of Martian Manhunter exist?

(1:16:53) How exactly does Martian Manhunter’s heat vision work?


Guess the Character!

(1:23:00) Must not have a vagina because that skirt is short we would all see it

(1:24:04) X-Men meets Sailor Moon

(1:25:10) Related to [Producer Jess’s] favorite DC character

(1:26:20) Is 16 in alien years legal in some states?


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Justice League International Vol 1 008

Martian Manhunter Vol 2 024



Evan Gomes

Mallory Brooks



Pop Capsule Podcast


Characters, Places, Things

Big Belly Burger


Hawkgirl (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

J’edd J’arkus

Martian Manhunter (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Soder Cola


Shayne J’onzz

White Martians

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