Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #248 – “Fanagar Fanstravaganza II: Part 3”
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Issue #248 – “Fanagar Fanstravaganza II: Part 3”

Issue #248 – “Fanagar Fanstravaganza II: Part 3”

It’s the third day of an entire week of episodes as a celebration of FANAGAR for YOU residents! We dip into the mail bag again and answer some unanswered questions.

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Fanagar Fanstravaganza II: Part 3

(1:55) Jupiter’s Legacy

(7:21) Can there be a Lobo: One Million?  Is he still a bastiche or did he mellow?

(12:09) Why does Harley get away with sexually harassing Power Girl?

(18:17) Can Superman and Supergirl date or is it too family friendly?

(25:31) What’s the difference between the Snyder Cut and Doom Patrol as it relates to Cyborg’s mom’s death?


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Harley Quinn Vol 2



Jupiter’s Legacy


Characters, Places, Things

Cyborg (DoomPatrol) (Snyderverse)

Harley Quinn (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Lobo (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Power Girl (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Supergirl (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Superman (PreRebirth) (Current)

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