Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #251 – “Fanagar Fanstravaganza II: Part 6”
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Issue #251 – “Fanagar Fanstravaganza II: Part 6”

Issue #251 – “Fanagar Fanstravaganza II: Part 6”

It’s the sixth day of an entire week of episodes as a celebration of FANAGAR for YOU residents! We dive into the mail bag to answer your questions.

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Fanagar Fanstravaganza II: Part 6

(4:38) Do Alan Scott and Fire’s powers get confused for each other by the public?

(6:10) Would Dex-Starr or G’nort win in a fight?

(10:56) Discuss the Justice Lords and how politics shaped that universe.

(16:50) Write an Elseworlds take on No Justice featuring the JLI, pick the team members.


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Justice League: No Justice

Justice League Unlimited S01E07: “The Greatest Story Never Told”


Characters, Places, Things

Alan Scott (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Animal Man (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Artemis (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Atom Smasher (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Blue Beetle (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Booster Gold (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Clock King (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Cluemaster (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Despero (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Dex-Starr (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Doctor Light (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Fire (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

G’nort (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Ice (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Justice League International (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Justice Lords

Martian Manhunter (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

Shazam (PreFlashpoint) (Current)

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