Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #252 – “Oops! All Segments!”
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Issue #252 – “Oops! All Segments!”

Issue #252 – “Oops! All Segments!”

This week, when Producer Richard was creating the show’s format, he slipped and accidentally filled the ENTIRE show with segments, so get ready for a news and games-filled extravaganza!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Holy 5-Star Review Batman!

(1:54) Detective Bobo’s AA Sponsor’s 5-Star Apple Podcast New Zealand Review


News and Notes

(6:04) Blue Beetle Moving Straight to Streaming

(7:44) Superman Now Appears in Fortnite Season 07

(9:30) Behind the Scenes Video Released for Netflix’s Sandman Series

(11:16) Arrowverse’s Batwing Suit Revealed

(12:26) Deathstroke Takes on DC Villains in Deathstroke, Inc.

(13:37) Titans Twitter Account Teases New Season During AMA

(16:57) Harley Quinn Had to Cut Batman Catwoman Scene


Alphabet Herobics

(22:13) Batman…

(22:37) Mera…

(25:46) The Flash…


Fake or Not?

(29:43) Batman the Musical, Batman vs Godzilla, Batman & Tarzan, Gotham High

(33:12) Superman 3: Supergirl, Live Action Superman: Red Son, Metropolis, Jimmy Olsen

(36:11) Wonder Woman vs Egg-Fu, NBC’s New Adventures of Wonder Woman, Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince?, CW’s Amazon

(40:49) Justice League/Avengers, Justice League: World’s Collide, Justice League: The B Team, Justice League: Mortal

(44:20) Hanna-Barbera’s Teen Titans, Live Action Teen Titans Movie, Blackbirds, Fox’s Teen Titans Super School

(47:26) Wachowski’s Plastic Man, Leonardo Di Caprio’s Aquaman, Eric Kripke’s Deadman, Lobo and Superman: Up, Up, and Away

(53:11) CW’s Hourman, Fox’s Spectre, # For Hero, ABC’s Human Target, Arnold’s Sgt. Rock


Fuck, Marry, Kill

(1:03:03) Granny Goodness, Joan Garrick, Martha Kent

(1:04:56) Big Barda, Black Canary, Wonder Woman

(1:07:24) Huntress, Matrix, Vixen

(1:08:38) Hal Jordan-Parallax, Hank Henshaw-Cyborg Superman, Azrael

(1:10:11) Swamp Thing, Arm-Fall-Off-Boy, Danny the Street

(1:11:19) Constantine, Etrigan, Deadman

(1:13:09) Arse Face, Herr Star, Saint of Killers

(1:14:18) Robin, Atlanna, Captain Boomerang

(1:15:27) Bleez, Jessica Cruz, Brother Warth

(1:17:18) Commissioner Gordon, Ch’p, Gentleman Ghost

(1:20:10) Mogo, Leezle Pon, Zilius Zox

(1:23:28) Jack Knight, Ms. Martian, Lex Luthor

(1:25:25) Clayface, Metamorpho, Martian Manhunter


Would You Rather?

(1:29:09) Remove Batman from DC continuity forever or make Aquaman, moving forward, unable to enter the water?

(1:30:31) Make Clark Kent a staunch Republican or give Joker a canonical backstory of an insurance salesman who had one bad day?

(1:31:19) Guy Gardner becomes the official Green Lantern forever or Brian Azzarello takes over as Chief Creative Officer for DC?

(1:32:45) All of DC reduces to a single universe and timeline or DC becomes only a multiverse but becomes impossible to travel between them?

(1:32:41) Marvel absorbs all of DC or DC can no longer make any new comics?

(1:35:40) DC loses all space-faring characters or Earth-born characters?

(1:37:05) Ethan van Sciver takes over writing Wonder Woman or he gets to reintroduce Tyroc into a crisis level event?

(1:37:49) Revert all characters and storylines back to right before the New 52 or they are all reverted to their initial incarnation?

(1:38:50) Integrate the Space Federation or Middle Earth

(1:40:29) All DC movies moving forward can only be about villains or all of the DC TV shows are set up as Gotham or Pennyworth?


Guess the Character!

(1:44:34) Evil corn on the cob mascot

(1:45:21) Undead

(1:46:04) Impressive thigh-high style

(1:47:18) Only wears half a mask so you can admire their bone structure


(1:49:56) Who needs pants when you’ve great legs?

(1:50:08) Lightning ears

(1:51:10) Has an arrow pointing to their huge black penis


(1:52:11) Middle management by day, magic by night

(1:52:41) Brings his gold magic stick to impress the ladies

(1:53:21) Should not be wearing brown shoes with that suit

(1:54:09) Wears a turban to seem cool and mysterious


(1:58:51) Wanna be Wolverine-skull-cat-man

(1:59:18) Needs to cover up everywhere except his chest hair

(1:59:41) May have posture issues

(2:00:48) Themed his costume as a Steelers fan



Brian Azzarello

Ethan van Sciver



Space Federation

Middle Earth


Characters, Places, Things





Big Barda

Black Canary


Brother Warth

Captain Boomerang



Commissioner Gordon


Danny the Street



Gentleman Ghost

Granny Goodness

Hal Jordan-Parallax

Hank Henshaw-Cyborg Superman

Herr Star


Jack Knight

Jessica Cruz

Joan Garrick

Leezle Pon

Lex Luthor

Martha Kent

Martian Manhunter




Ms. Martian


Saint of Killers

Swamp Thing



Wonder Woman

Zilius Zox

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