Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #253 – “Crisis in Time”
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Issue #253 – “Crisis in Time”

Issue #253 – “Crisis in Time”

Fanagar continues this week as we talk all about Zero Hour! We discuss the “Crisis in Time” confusing backstories, heroes-turned-villains, time travel, and more!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Holy 5-Star Review Batman!

(6:16) Big Bang Comics’ 5-Star Apple Podcasts Review


Crisis in Time

(14:37) All the Team Titans members that were erased.  Bring one back.

(19:10) What happened to Hank Hall?

(25:10) Why hasn’t Waverider made more appearances since?

(33:16) Why does Hal have to be such a gigantic dick?

(40:17) Which characters in the Doctor DC Podcast-verse get erased/survive?

(45:22) Can Parallax really defeat Superman?

(49:03) So, this fixed all those Hawk continuity problems right?

(54:38) What are some examples of this story trying to fix continuity problems but only making it worse?

(1:07:01) What would the Doctor have proposed to fix Hawkman’s continuity?

(1:09:28) What is Richard’s new, revamped, Zero Issue origin?

(1:14:56) Before Zero Hour, had another hero of Hal’s status switched from hero to villain?

(1:19:13) What differences were made after the new big bang of the DCU?  Does current continuity still feel the effects?

(1:25:00) Legion of Super-Heroes and the Reboot Legion.

(1:29:40) Explain who the Vuldarians are.


Guess the Character!

(1:34:47) Flashy dresser

(1:35:16) Tuxedo mask meets Jimmy Olsen

(1:36:49) Always sees the big picture

(1:37:48) Mr. Paparazzi


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Convergence: Booster Gold Vol 1 001

Legion of Three Worlds

Zero Hour: Crisis in Time


Characters, Places, Things


Hal Jordan

Hank Hall

Legion of Super-Heroes

Reboot Legion

Team Titans

Time Trapper



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