Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #256 – “The Emerald Archer”
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Issue #256 – “The Emerald Archer”

Issue #256 – “The Emerald Archer”

This week we talk all about the Emerald Archer, Star City’s own Green Arrow!

After 80 years of Green Arrow, it’s about time we dedicate an episode to the character and his extended family!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Holy 5-Star Review Batman!

(1:10) Michael Haggerty’s 5-Star Facebook Review


News and Notes

(6:23) DC Artist Robson Rocha Passes Away

(8:02) New Human Target Title Coming From Tom King

(9:42) Disney’s Marvel Studios and WarnerBro’s DC Films to Skip SDCC

(15:00) Aquaman 2 Is Officially In Production

(20:10) Another Look at Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Costume

(23:13) Madame Xanadu TV Series Coming to HBOMax

(26:15) New Suicide Squad Funko Pops

(27:57) Phil Lamarr Suits Up As Green Lantern

(30:49) Suicide Squad Releases New King Shark Teaser

(32:34) New Batman: The Long Halloween Special From Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale

(34:22) Aquaman and Green Arrow Team-Up For New Series This Fall


The Emerald Archer

(40:33) Overall take on the CW show Arrow.

(45:07) What are a couple of the best Green Arrow stories?

(48:53) What caused the beef between Batman and Green Arrow?

(54:08) Top 5 Green Arrow villains.

(1:00:10) Hat or hood?

(1:02:17) Thoughts on his coming back to life so quickly?

(1:06:14) Other than Zero Hour, what are some other situations that GA has no business in?

(1:10:07) Where does the Lemire-Sorrentino run fit?

(1:13:32) Why do GA and Hawkman hate each other?

(1:17:32) Does GA do that “thing” that Batman doesn’t do?

(1:21:20) Favorite trick arrow moment.

(1:25:27) What should be changed about the Arrow show?

(1:29:49) How different are the original Earth-2 Green Arrow and Speedy from the current ones?

(1:33:55) Direct a live-action Green Arrow movie.

(1:39:48) What villain did they get right on Arrow and what villain did they get wrong?

(1:45:08) Why does DC keep pushing the agenda of the good billionaire?

(1:49:54) Who is the best GA villain and why is it Shado?

(1:51:48) How many times has GA lost/given away his wealth?  What are his current financials?

(1:54:17) Why did the Arrow showrunners turn GA into a Batman who kills?

(1:56:50) Which actor living or dead would play Green Arrow the best?


Guess the Character!

(2:02:08) Math club that only knows how to do one type of math


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Arrow (TV Series)

Green Arrow 80th Anniversary Spectacular

Green Arrow Vol 06

Green Arrow Vol 05

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters

Green Arrow: The Outsiders War

Green Arrow: Quiver

More Fun Comics Vol 1 073

Stargirl Spring Break Special Vol 1 001


Characters, Places, Things

Connor Hawke

Count Vertigo (Comics) (Arrowverse Version 1) (Arrowverse Version 2)

Cupid (Comics) (Arrowverse)

Deathstroke (Comics) (Arrowverse)

Emiko Queen

Malcolm Merlyn

Ninth Circle

Oliver Queen



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