Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #257 – “Ragman Returns” (w/ Chad Bokelman)
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Issue #257 – “Ragman Returns” (w/ Chad Bokelman)

Issue #257 – “Ragman Returns” (w/ Chad Bokelman)

This week we talk all about Ragman! Special guest and Ragman expert Chad Bokelman is joining us to talk Rory Regan and the Suit of Souls!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Chad Bokelman Returns/Reading Assignment

(2:31) A fun fact about Chad and what got him in to Ragman

(5:08) Fulfilling the prophecy of Ragman


Ragman Vol 03 001

(6:28) Revisiting Ragman Vol 03 001, Richard’s take

(12:26) The Doctor read some reviews, Chad’s take

(18:58) Was this enough to make Richard want to keep reading?

(22:00) What were Chad’s first thoughts when he read this issue?


Ragman Returns

(25:48) Opinion of The Tattered Man by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti?

(29:59) Could the souls ever take over the suit if there were enough of them?

(34:57) How does the suit functionally work?

(38:28) If Rory dies while wearing the suit, does the suit claim his soul?

(40:49) What would be the powers and origin of Cum Rag Man?

(45:05) Who does Ragman team up with?

(52:46) Is Ragman the most powerful person against anyone with large amounts of guilt?

(1:03:19) Would you use the Suit of Souls for 5 years if you were stuck there for eternity afterwards?

(1:08:56) What is the biggest threat Ragman could feasibly handle?

(1:13:36) Where does Ragman rank on the heroes list?  High enough to make an appearance on the big screen?

(1:20:16) Where to start reading Ragman?

(1:25:00) Design a live-action Ragman suit.

(1:31:19) The Doctor’s 6 Degrees of Separation from Ragman


Guess the Character!

(1:33:54) Has a tiny mohawk to match his tiny dick

(1:34:36) Pumped full of steroids he gets driving across the Mexican border

(1:35:51) A Russian cosplaying as Captain America

(1:37:26) Red, white, and blue


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Ragman Vol 03 001



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