Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #258 – “Liam Sharp” (w/ Liam Sharp)
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Issue #258 – “Liam Sharp” (w/ Liam Sharp)

Issue #258 – “Liam Sharp” (w/ Liam Sharp)

This week we talk all about the DC Comics work of Liam Sharp! To discuss the stories and characters and art of Liam Sharp, we are  joined by a very special guest: artist, writer, and prolific comic creator…Liam Sharp (@LiamRSharp)!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Welcome Liam Sharp!

(0:57) A very decisive vote in Liam’s favor

(1:41) How did Liam break in as an artist and creator?

(8:44) The Liam Sharp style versus the ability to adapt art styles

(12:22) What character did Liam dream of working on?


Liam Sharp

(15:22) Would Liam have done any earlier work differently looking back now?

(20:24) Which published was Liam’s favorite to work with?

(27:52) Which character/creators got Liam into comics?

(39:47) What was it like joining Batman: Reptilian after Steve Dillon’s passing?

(47:50) Favorite non-comic artist influences?

(56:03) Advice for a beginner artist?

(1:05:29) Favorite variant or regular cover?

(1:12:02) What was the process like for bringing Celtic mythology to the forefront?

(1:23:27) Liam’s top three favorite artists in comics.

(1:26:16) Was there a moment where Liam saw his work cross from good to exceptional?


Guess the Character!

(1:37:49) Intense shoulder pads

(1:38:59) Black metal band eye makeup

(1:40:27) Wrinkly ridge head


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Batman: Reptilian

The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman

The Green Lantern Vol 1

The Green Lantern: Season Two

Superman: Where Is Thy Sting?



Alan Lee

Barry Smith

Bill Sienkiewicz

Dave McKean

Don Lawrence

Frank Frazetta

Garth Ennis

Grant Morrison (Twitter) (Instagram)

JM DeMatteis

Jim Burns


Phillip Druillet

Richard Corben

Steve Dillon

William Russel Flint



Conan the Barbarian


Characters, Places, Things


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