Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #259 – “Task Force X”
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Issue #259 – “Task Force X”

Issue #259 – “Task Force X”

This week we talk all about the Suicide Squad! We’re celebrating the release of the new movie with an episode dedicated to Task Force X in comics, animation, and live action!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Holy 5-Star Review Batman!

(4:16) David Paul Barcklow III’s 5-Star Facebook Review


News and Notes

(9:47) Michael B Jordan Developing Black Superman Project for HBOMax

(12:56) Djimon Hounsou Returns for Shazam: Fury of the Gods

(15:20) Leslie Grace Officially Cast as Batgirl

(16:32) Y: The Last Man Gets Official Teaser Trailer

(18:15) I Am Not Starfire Trailer

(20:13) The Amazons to Star in Two New Mini-Series This October

(22:32) Titans Unite Against Red Hood

(25:10) DC Gets Dark With Two New Series

(27:11) Richard and the Doctor Got A Lot of Comicbooks


Reading Assignment

(35:17) Legends Vol 1 003

(38:33) This Waller is thicc, Boomerang is a scumbag, Deadshot, and the rest of the team

(43:09) Explaining Deadshot’s one-shot gun and what makes Brimstone so cool

(45:40) The anti-superhero movement, G Gordon Godfrey, and Superman makes a cameo

(49:16) Richard and the Doctor’s thoughts on the issue, the intro of the squad, and a cape rating


Task Force X

(56:59) Has there ever been a Doom Patrol-Suicide Squad crossover?

(59:27) Which Doom Patrol member would fit on the Suicide Squad?

(1:01:21) Build a Suicide Squad to eliminate Grant Morrison.

(1:06:23) Has anyone other than Batman tried to wrestle control away from Waller?

(1:10:45) Has Arm-Fall-Off Boy ever been on the Suicide Squad?

(1:13:18) The Suicide Squad from Arrow.

(1:16:24) Does anyone ever like Captain Boomerang?

(1:22:24) Has Waller ever directed the Squad against other politicians?

(1:25:28) Favorite Suicide Squad lineup?

(1:28:45) Which A-List villains/anti-heroes should be on the team and which three should die?

(1:36:12) What villain or hero from another company should join the Squad?

(1:38:32) Have any top-tier heroes been in the Squad?

(1:41:46) Who were the best/worst leaders? Who would make an interesting leader?

(1:46:33) Is moral ambiguity necessary for an interesting team?

(1:49:55) Favorite Suicide Squad run?

(1:52:19) Which heroes would make good additions to the Squad?

(1:55:31) Do you think Harley’s addition to the team has made the team more popular?

(2:00:46) What makes the team so compelling? When does it work the best?


Guess the Character!

(2:04:35) Cool-kid undercut

(2:05:01) Prep-school devil


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special

Legends Vol 1 003

New Suicide Squad Vol 1

Suicide Squad Vol 1

Suicide Squad Vol 1 058

Suicide Squad Vol 6 aka Suicide Squad: Bad Blood










Characters, Places, Things

Amanda Waller

Ambush Bug

Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man



Bronze Tiger

Captain Boomerang

Captain Cold



El Diablo


Grant Morrison/The Writer

Lex Luthor

Maxwell Lord

Mister 104

Paper Man




Rick Flag


Suicide Squad/Arrowverse

Task Force X


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