Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #260 – “Captain Atom” (w/ ButtButtFartButt)
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Issue #260 – “Captain Atom” (w/ ButtButtFartButt)

Issue #260 – “Captain Atom” (w/ ButtButtFartButt)

This week we talk all about Captain Atom! We are joined by the winner of our Patreon Fanagar Contest, ButtButtFartButt, to discuss the various versions of DC’s constantly exploding quantum superhero!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Meet ButtButtFartButt

(0:54) He doesn’t know what to do with his hands

(1:55) How did Butt get into comics?

(4:47) Who are Butt’s top characters, creators, writers, artists?

(7:34) What does Captain Atom as a character mean to Mr. FartButt?


Captain Atom

(10:29) Is there a way to integrate Captain Atom back into regular appearances?

(19:02) Firestorm or Captain Atom?

(26:56) Do you think Monarch is more interesting?

(32:19) Should Captain Atom have stayed in the WildStorm Universe?

(37:13) How does Captain Atom handle dating and the bedroom?

(41:36) Was the last time he got to be an actual character back in Justice League Europe?

(47:55) Before Watchmen, how was Captain Atom treated?

(52:23) Didn’t Captain Atom perform genocide on the WildStorm Universe?

(54:37) Captain Atom vs. Martian Manhunter.

(58:43) Where does Captain Atom rank among tacticians and fighters?

(1:03:04) What kind of scientist comes up with the experiment to create Captain Atom?

(1:07:11) Other examples where an alternate universe character surpassed the original?

(1:12:20) Breach

(1:14:04) Has Captain Atom ever been the one to stop a crisis event?

(1:17:09) Is Captain Atom better as a protagonist or in an ensemble?


Guess the Character!

(1:23:22) Fab yellow swimsuit

(1:24:23) Aquaman Hitler youth

(1:25:15) Rejected Whovian from The Grinch

(1:26:45) Water elf


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Armageddon 2001

Flash Vol 2 053

Fall and Rise of Captain Atom


Justice League Europe



Charlton Comics

WildStorm Universe


Characters, Places, Things

Allen Adam



Captain Atom

Dr. Manhattan

Dr. Megala




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