Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #261 – “Holy 60s Episode, Batman!” (w/ Brett White)
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Issue #261 – “Holy 60s Episode, Batman!” (w/ Brett White)

Issue #261 – “Holy 60s Episode, Batman!” (w/ Brett White)

In this weeks episode we talk all about Batman 66! Special guest Brett White (Must Have Seen TV, Decider) joined us to Batusi and talk this iconic iteration of The Caped Crusader!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Welcome Brett White!

(1:28) Brett’s introduction to comics.

(8:08) Brett’s affinity for DC characters other than Batman.

(13:54) Brett’s favorite elements of the 1960s Batman series.


Holy 60s Episode, Batman!

(22:01) Will this version of Batman remain a thing of the past or make a comeback?

(27:50) How do Batman and Robin change while sliding down the pole?

(31:08) What modern villain should make an appearance in the 1960’s continuity?

(36:19) Is 60s Batman the most comic accurate representation of Batman and Robin?

(43:01) Do Mike and Laura Allred illustrate the complete run of Batman 66?

(44:20) Cast a live-action reboot/remake of Batman 66.

(47:58) The different actors that played the same characters.

(51:33) What would be the most useful gadget if set in the modern day?

(53:27) Does Robin from the 60s series ever get laid? Is Aunt Harriet sleeping with the butler?

(58:01) What type of stories would writers have told in the 60s without the CCA?

(1:01:48) Would Shatner have worked in the show as Two-Face?

(1:04:54) Which character from the 60s could replace their modern counterpart?

(1:08:51) Which Bat-family member, current or past, would fit best in the 60s continuity?


Guess the Character!

(1:13:58) 60’s sideburns

(1:14:24) French villain

(1:15:15) Has a big heart

(1:16:21) Got their outfit at a play-it-again-sports fencing outfit


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Batman (1960s Series)

Batman (1966 Film)

Batman: The Brave and the Bold (TV Series)

Batman vs. Two-Face (Film)



John Astin

Laura Allred

Mike Allred

Ty Templeton




Characters, Places, Things

Aunt Harriet

Black Canary

Calendar Man


Jaime Reyes

Killer Croc

Lucius Fox

Renee Montoya



Ted Kord


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