Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #262 – “The Titan and the Fury”
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Issue #262 – “The Titan and the Fury”

Issue #262 – “The Titan and the Fury”

This week we talk all about the classic team up of The Atom and Hawkman! We answer questions about their adventures, their relationship, their series, and anything else about the Titan and the Fury!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Holy 5-Star Review Batman!

(1:41) Kyle’s 11-Star Twitter Review


News and Notes

(6:45) New Batman Podcasts On The Way From Spotify and HBO

(9:22) Black Canary Spinoff in Development for HBOMax


The Titan the Fury

(17:41) Are the Hawks that appear after Crisis and before Hawkworld still imposters?

(26:17) What was their worst fight and who had the stronger argument?

(32:51) Thoughts on the Blackest Night Hawkman and Atom one-shot?

(38:40) Which iteration of Hawkman is Atom friends with?

(48:17) What do they have in common?

(53:29) Before going into battle, did either of them say, “Up and Atom!”?

(1:00:19) Are they the most polar opposite duo?

(1:05:47) Was Gentleman Ghost Hawkman and Atom’s true archnemesis?

(1:11:59) Is there room in the current continuity for a Hawkman and Atom series?

(1:18:39) What duo wins between the duos that were voted on in this episode?



(1:23:48) LovelyMrsLong says hi and expresses gratitude


Guess the Character!

(1:25:54) Piercings and tattoos

(1:26:38) Probably has impeccable memory

(1:27:40) Hindu Power Ranger


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Atom and Hawkman Vol 1 046

Hawkman Vol 5



Superman Smashes the Clan Radio Show


Characters, Places, Things

Bug-Eyed Bandit


Gentleman Ghost




Ray Palmer

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