Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #263 – “Law & Order”
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Issue #263 – “Law & Order”

Issue #263 – “Law & Order”

This week we’re talking all about the cops and lawyers of the DCU! From ordinary officers, detectives, and attorneys to the alter egos of super-folk, we’re talking the “law and order” side of the DC Universe!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Holy 5-Star Review Batman!

(4:12) 5-Star Review from the Cinema Chatter Podcast


Law & Order

(19:24) Restructure the various Lantern Corps to fit different roles in the criminal justice system.

(24:25) What police department in the DCU is the least reliant on superheroes?

(28:47) Feelings on the GL Corps being portrayed as armed forces rather than peacekeepers?

(36:06) Other than the glorious mustache, what makes Jim Gordon a compelling character?

(45:21) Can a claimant establish a duty-of-care against a superhero?

(53:43) What are some good stories featuring Kate Spencer?

(59:32) Is it ever addressed that cops use heroes to get around due-process?

(1:03:22) Are there any landmark law cases that are referenced in the DCU?

(1:12:38) Is there an ACAB moment directed at the GL Corp?

(1:20:34) What series best sets up and addresses law?

(1:23:10) What superheroes or vigilantes have ACAB mentalities?

(1:29:50) Where did Cliff Steele get his law degree?

(1:32:02) Create a police force to patrol the DCU.

(1:39:31) Noteworthy cops other than Gordon, Bullock, or Montoya?

(1:43:35) Other DA’s that have worked closely with a hero?


Guess the Character!

(1:45:55) Well-endowed

(1:47:03) Could be a “Got Milk?” campaign


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Dan Turpin

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Keene Act

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Lady Cop

Lantern Corps

Maggie Sawyer

Opal City


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