Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #264 – “Redemption” (w/ Zack Beseda)
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Issue #264 – “Redemption” (w/ Zack Beseda)

Issue #264 – “Redemption” (w/ Zack Beseda)

This week we’re joined by returning guest Zack Beseda to talk all about heroes and villains attempting to make good after doing wrong – the stories and forces in DC that embody redemption.

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Welcome Zack Beseda

(1:33) What is Zack into lately?

(7:01) What made this episode interesting to Zack?



(8:57) Thoughts on Superboy Prime’s redemption arc in Dark Nights: Death Metal?

(17:25) Wally’s three redemption arcs since Heroes in Crisis.

(23:24) What happened to Lex Luthor’s redemption arc as a member of the Justice League?

(29:53) Is it moral or ethical for the Indigo Tribe to force rehabilitation on its members?

(38:52) Name a reverse redemption.

(43:37) Do retcons undercut character development or are they necessary?

(50:32) Is Pied Piper’s redemption still canon?

(56:29) Is redemption a concept that is baked into superhero archetypes?

(1:03:00) Are Harley and Ivy both redeemed or are their crimes unforgivable?

(1:10:12) What widely accepted redemption is the least earned?

(1:15:42) What is a redemption arc for a villain that is disliked?

(1:19:06) Was Mister Freeze redeemed in his Batman Beyond episode?

(1:22:29) Has any villain done something so dastardly they are unredeemable?

(1:27:01) What character hasn’t been redeemed but should be?

(1:33:03) Can John Constantine be redeemed?


Guess the Character!

(1:38:37) Tie-dye and spandex

(1:39:24) Facial hair inspired by Guy Fieri

(1:40:33) Psychedelic Earth-man

(1:42:21) Looks high on “E”


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Batman Beyond S01E05

Cosmic Odyssey

Dark Nights: Death Metal

Dark Nights: Death Metal Speed Metal

Flash Forward

Heroes in Crisis



Zack Beseda



So Fast So Furious


Characters, Places, Things


Black Adam

Captain Boomerang


Cyborg Superman


Floronic Man

Gentleman Ghost

Harley Quinn

Indigo Tribe


John Constantine

John Stewart


Lex Luthor

Mister Freeze

Pied Piper

Red Hood


Superboy Prime

Wally West


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