Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #265 – “Silver Age Superman” (w/ Matt McCarthy)
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Issue #265 – “Silver Age Superman” (w/ Matt McCarthy)

Issue #265 – “Silver Age Superman” (w/ Matt McCarthy)

This week we’re joined by actor, writer, comedian Matt McCarthy to talk all about the incredibly rich and silly Silver Age era of the Man of Tomorrow!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Welcome Matt McCarthy!

(1:06) What was the first thing that got Matt into comics?

(7:08) Growing up in the dark era of Batman, what prompted the shift to the sillier stuff?


Silver Age Superman

(22:02) What’s up with Red Kryptonite in the Silver Age?

(29:52) Why so many kryptonite colors?

(35:47) Lexor and Lex as a benevolent dictator.

(42:03) Which silly villain or storyline deserves a modern update?

(49:06) What goofy one-off plot should be warped by the Dark Multiverse?

(53:13) Thoughts on the website Superdickery?

(56:20) Did kids love the Silver Age of Superman when it was coming out?

(58:20) Did Silver Age Superman have a big moment meeting Golden Age Superman?

(1:04:42) Explain the complicated love dodecahedron Superman had with Lana, Lori, and Lois.

(1:11:37) Was retconning Lex’s origin wise?

(1:15:52) How weird was Smallville in the 60s and 70s?

(1:20:11) What character(s) created in the modern era would fit well in the Silver Age?

(1:22:37) What love letter to Silver Age Superman best exemplifies the character?


Guess the Character!

(1:27:55) Crotch drapes

(1:28:56) Lots of cuffs

(1:29:44) Bad skin condition

(1:31:04) Snake throne


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Action Comics Vol 2 040

All-Star Superman

Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?



Matt McCarthy





Characters, Places, Things


Booster Gold

Captain Carrot

Harley Quinn


Lana Lang


Lois Lane

Lori Lemaris

Lex Luthor


Red Kryptonite

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