Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #266 – “Law & Order II”
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Issue #266 – “Law & Order II”

Issue #266 – “Law & Order II”

This week we’re returning for part 2 of our episode about the cops and lawyers of the DCU! From ordinary officers, detectives, and attorneys to the alter egos of super-folk, we’re talking the “law and order” side of the DC Universe!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Holy 5-Star Review Batman!

(4:54) Gloom Patrol’s 4-Star Apple Podcast Review


News and Notes

(8:28) Fans Celebrated Batman Day With Bat-Tech AR App

(12:05) Aquaman 2: Jason Momoa’s New Stealth Suit

(14:05) Trailer and New Images From Injustice Animated Debut

(15:10) Batwoman Casts Bridget Regan As Poison Ivy


Law & Order II

(27:14) Examples of alternate Earth’s courts like the Kangaroo Court in the Wild Lands.

(37:52) What characters or storylines give the most accurate depictions of being a lawyer?

(45:07) What’s Bullock’s deal?

(49:36) Master Jailer

(52:45) Assemble a new group of Guardians using characters of the law.

(57:39) Has everyone’s favorite lady cop, Lady Cop, ever made a canonical appearance?

(1:07:13) Why are there still cops in Gotham?

(1:16:33) Are there any DC heroes that are also lawyers?

(1:21:03) What DC cities have super powered police officers?

(1:26:39) What two lawyers or law practitioners would make an interesting trial case duo?

(1:32:33) Other than Gotham, what other city’s police department would make for an interesting series?

(1:38:25) The evolution of Slam Bradley.

(1:44:01) Would you rather be a public defender or the DA in Gotham?

(1:48:15) Do the Darkstars count as law enforcement?

(1:52:01) What is the best law school in DC?

(1:54:25) Who is the best lawyer mentor in DC?


Guess the Character!

(1:57:09) Glows like a fucking night light


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Day of Vengeance

Final Crisis

Gotham Central

Shazam Vol 3 005

Trial of Barry Allen



Married… with Children 2099

Spider-Man 2099


Characters, Places, Things

Amanda Waller

Barbara Gordon

Black Canary

Captain Atom

Council of Eternity


Detective Chimp


Harvey Bullock

Harvey Dent



Ivy Town

Jim Gordon

Kate Spencer

Lady Cop

Maggie Sawyer

Mark Shaw

Martian Manhunter

Master Jailer

Metropolis SCU

Science Police


Slam Bradley

Trinity of Sin

United Planets


Wonder Woman

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