Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #267 – “In Reverse”
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Issue #267 – “In Reverse”

Issue #267 – “In Reverse”

This week we’re talking all about the Reverse-Flashes! We answer your questions about these arch-rivals of the Scarlet Speedsters!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Holy 5-Star Review Batman!

(2:59) ButtButtFartButt’s 5-Star Review


In Reverse

(13:40) Who is the Reverse Flash for New52 Jay Garrick?

(19:51) How can the Reverse Flash be used outside of the Flash?

(26:43) Who is the most dangerous Reverse Flash and where does he rank among the DC villains?

(39:40) Has Reverse Flash ever teamed up with another villain, team, or the Rogues?

(47:10) Was Godspeed’s arc on the show close to comic accurate?

(50:15) How many times can the show use the Reverse Flash or another speedster as the big bad?

(54:08) Is Doctor DC the Reverse Flash?

(58:27) Jay Garrick’s Reverse Flash, The Rival

(1:00:23) Are all the Reverse Flash’s totally evil?

(1:06:43) Which is the most powerful and “Flashiest” Reverse Flash?

(1:11:50) Which version has the power to make people flash him?

(1:14:06) Would the Reverse Flash of Flash Dog be a cat?

(1:19:55) Did Thawne ever go back in time and father Barry?

(1:24:17) Explain Impulse’s familial connection to Thawne.

(1:29:08) Is it possible for the Reverse Flash to die and stay dead?


Guess the Character!

(1:32:08) Loves triangles

(1:32:24) Has no pupils, might be a demon

(1:33:07) Another Hitler-youth crew cut

(1:34:26) Spiky ammo belt


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Earth 2 Vol 1

Flash Vol 1 139

The Flash (TV Series)


Characters, Places, Things

Barry Allen

Black Adam

Bart Allen

Eobard Thawne



Hunter Zolomon


Jay Garrick/Earth 2

Jay Garrick/Earth Prime

Malcolm Thawne



Tornado Twins

Wally West

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